Tuesday, 8 October 2013

bubblegum lip scrub.

'iya beauties,

I purchased this product back when I took Keira to bluewater so back in January. Golly this year is flying by. I'm only just reviewing it now. As I'm cracking down on all LUSH products and reviewing them. What's so good about this?! The main purpose of these lip scrub is to clear dead skin and flakiness from your lips. Leaving them feeling smooth and moisturised. I'd follow this up with a lip balm. It's great for the winter especially when it's cold. I don't know about you but I get dry lips in the winter. So this little beauty really helps. It tastes amazing. It's basically sugar so you can just lick it off which I take great pleasure in doing so. They are made from caster sugar and jojoba oil to provide a gentle moisturising scrub. There is also a popcorn and a mint one if bubblegum is not your thing! They also smell amazing!


  1. The lip scrubs are fab...and taste yummy!! absolute godsend over winter!!

    1. They are indeed! They taste delicious and I get really dry lips throughout winter so I know what you're saying! :) x


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