Thursday, 24 October 2013

10 colour blush palette.

'iya lovelies,
First of BH Cosmetics as mentioned in one of my previous posts is a brilliant make up cosmetics brand. All their products are inexpensive and I think brilliant for people just starting out in make up. This palette I purchased from amazon for £12.50. It is available on their website however shipping to the UK is expensive! This palette comes with 10 blushes which are a fairly good size. They're slightly smaller than your typical MAC blush. You also have a mix of bright and neutral blushes with a couple of bronzers thrown in there. The bronzers are perfect for contour. You've got a mix of matte, shimmer and satin blushes in this palette. I think this is perfect for everyone because there is something for everyone in this palette. Of course my favourite shade is the orange which is gorgeous. The brighter colours I like to apply with a stippling blush as I find them easier to blend out. However I've also decided mixing the colours can create a beautiful look. Not only that it makes the blush look more natural. If you're looking for a new blush palette which I think everyone should have at least one in their collection then this is for you. It's great for people just starting out in make up and also great for people who like to experiment.
have you tried any products from BH Cosmetics?


  1. These blushes look so pretty! I love the fact there are so many in one palette. The second blush in looks gorgeous! x


  2. Good thing is you can also mix them! There's a few that look a little intimidating but are gorgeous if you use them lightly! :) xx

  3. really want to try one of these, great value for money and so many pretty shades!


    1. They're fab! So handy to have especially if you're travelling. xx


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