Thursday, 31 October 2013

happy halloween!

'iya lovelies,
Whether you like to take part in all things Halloween or you just think of it as an other day Happy Halloween! I personally don't really do anything for it anymore. I kind of don't see the point. I know I will though when I have kids as it's so much more fun with little ones involved. Last week I went shopping with Fia and she picked up some things to use to make some Halloween cupcakes.
I love my baking days with Fia as it's just nice to spend some time with her on her own. She decided we were going to turn one lot of cakes orange and one lot green. The cake cases themselves were orange with spider webs. They came with little spiders to stick into the cakes as well! Fia decided we needed to get some marshmallows' so she chose pumpkin ones which were orange flavoured. To make things quicker we brought some icing in a can which I never normally do but it turned it great!
Fia with her cakes!
I really like how these turned out! They were so much fun to make!
Are you doing anything for Halloween?!

pink sorbet.

'iya lovelies,
Again another Trio from the popular make up brand MUA. This one is more subtle. Light pink champagne colours which look really lovely once blended in. Sometimes I don't use the darker colour in my crease it depends what type of look I'm going for. I've really got into pinks and burgundy's for the eyes. Burgundy I feel is more of a autumn/winter colour so it kind of fits for the season we're now currently in. I've got quite a few palettes now with very similar colours which I seem to have become a little obsessed with. I go through phases where I will be obsessed with certain colours on my eyes. What I like to do is pair it with either lots of coats of mascara and wear it on it's own. If I feel like wearing liner I will also pair it with some winged liner to make the look more dramatic. I also like smudging the burgundy colour under the lower lash line to add more of a smoky effect which I think looks gorgeous. Again, great pigmentation, longevity and easy to blend.
Have you tried any MUA products?!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

mid week round up #5.

'iya lovelies,
I love these little chatty posts because it's a nice little get away from all things beauty wise. As you may have seen depending on how much content I want to put out there I sometimes will post twice a day. I like to still supply you with a beauty post as well as one of these either on a Wednesday or Thursday depends when I have time to do one of these! This week hasn't been too busy for me to be honest with you. Saturday I went out and had a great time I really enjoyed myself. Hangover wasn't too great though the next day plus I had work aha! I've also gone down with the flu so I'm feeling pretty rough! Yesterday I made cakes with my gorgeous niece Sofia. I wanted to do that before Halloween because tomorrow we've got Sofia and Beth all day. As much as I love doing activities with all three, I planned this with just her.
I hope you enjoy picture posts as much as I do! I wanted to share some from the night that I had! I might also do a separate post on my make up look from that night because I really liked it! Other than that I shall link the video that went up yesterday on my channel it was a huge LUSH haul. You guys know how much I love LUSH and how obsessed I am so I hope you enjoy!

bourjois healthy mix serum.

'iya lovelies,
It takes me a while to review a foundation because I like to use it for a good amount of time before I feel I can give an honest opinion of it. Foundation is something I'm always eager to find the perfect one of. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which I've loved and loved for all of this year. I've reviewed it on my blog and over on my beauty channel. It's my favourite drugstore foundation of all time. However I've found another which is up there with that one.
This foundation I purchased end of June and I thought it would be perfect for the summer. I was right about that! I reached for it all through summer and my beloved wake me up foundation got pushed to the side. Now bare in mind there are two versions of this. You've got the healthy mix serum and the healthy mix foundation. The foundation is in a different bottle all together. What's so good about this?! First off it's a gel based formula which I've never tried in a foundation before. The serum contains 3 fruits, lychee, goji and pomegranate. You're probably thinking why does it have fruits in it?! Well good question! The fruits contain vitamins and anti oxidants which aims to help erase signs of fatigue, even out complexion and revive radiance.
The application of this foundation goes on so smoothly. It melts into the skin without even much blending which I love. There's nothing worse than having to take ages to blend in a foundation and it still look cakey. This doesn't look cakey at all it gives a flawless finish. It's a semi-matte finish. I find my skin looks really healthy when I wear this foundation. I feel it's semi-dewy and semi-matte. It definitely helps even my skin tone out and even covers blemishes. Sometimes I find I don't even need to wear concealer with this foundation.
I feel you could build this foundation up to make it full coverage. I think it's medium coverage if you apply just one layer. However it's completely lightweight and feels like you've got a light coverage foundation on your face. I don't like wearing foundations that feel heavy on your skin. It's a really natural finish that makes you're skin look healthy. Clues in the name I guess ;) It is slightly on the yellow undertones side but I find it works well with my pale skin. I use the shade 52 vanilla and blends perfectly with my skin tone.
Price wise it is £10.99 a bottle. (available at Boots and Superdrug!) I think that's slightly on the more expensive side for a drugstore foundation. However I'd say it's still affordable especially for how fabulous it is. I love the packaging and the fact it comes with a pump. I don't really like foundations that don't come with a pump because I feel like you end up wasting product. 1 pump of this foundation is normally enough to cover my entire face. However if I'm having a particularly bad skin day I'll use another pump. This wears really well and lasts all day on my skin. To increase wear of this foundation I'd say wear it with a primer. It wears and applies fine without one though!
I'd totally recommend this foundation to everyone. It really is one of my holy grail products now that I cannot be without it. It's up there with the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which you guys know I love to death.
have you tried this foundation?!
do you have any drugstore holy grail foundations?!
let me know!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

cotton candy.

'iya lovelies,
I'm not going to delve into my obsession with Miss Sporty nail polishes because we all know I love them and own probably the majority of them. This one is in cotton candy and I love this one for spring summer. I know we're out of that season now but I also like wearing bright colours in the autumn and winter. Almost like a change from wearing dark colours. Again the brush is nice and wide so it's an easy application. They go on smoothly, dry quickly and are incredibly long lasting. Definitely one of my favourites from the Miss Sporty line.
have you tried any nail polishes from Miss Sporty?!

the enchanter.

'iya beauties,
As mentioned this Bath Ballistic is unfortunately unavailable at the moment I don't know when it's back. This is one of my all time favourite bath ballistics. It smells gorgeous and looks like a firework has gone off in the bath! I'm holding on tight to the one I've got sitting in my bathroom until LUSH are stocking them again. This bath bomb contains lime and neroli oils which are mood changers making you feel happy and refreshed. It's a layered bath bomb so it changes colour from yellow, orange to pink. Hence the swirls in the picture above. I love this so much and like all other LUSH products makes my skin feel amazing. The scent I find lingers on my skin which I like. The only thing that I would say you end up with a pink ring around the bathtub however that does go away if you just use some water!
have you tried this one?

Monday, 28 October 2013

retro glam.

'iya lovelies,

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara // Black | £6.99

First off, Mascara is the one of the main make up related items I'm always buying. I have my holy grail mascara but I'm always on the look out for one that's just as good if not better! Now it's no secret that I didn't get on with the original scandal eyes mascara which comes in the orange tube. I don't really get on with the brush it's too big and mascara ends up going absolutely everywhere. It just doesn't work for me I don't find it lengthening at all and it's clumpy. I was kind of expecting a very similar thing with this mascara however I've been pleasantly surprised.

The idea of this mascara is to give you fanned out lashes with a false lash affect, no clumping whilst lengthening and adding volume. The brush is different to what I have in my collection. It's an hourglass brush. I love the fact the wand is in this shape because it helps you coat every lash evenly. I always find that to be a problem. One eye always looks like I've got more mascara on than the other. The formula is quite wet so I'd take your time applying mascara as can end up transferring onto your eyelid. Easily fixable though, let it dry then grab a cotton bud and just wipe away.

I'd probably give this mascara a 7/10 it's not the best of the best that I've tried. But I like the effect it gives on my lashes. It doesn't really compare to my Maybelline the falsies as much as I thought it might. I think it's still a good mascara for everyday and you can definitely build up the layers for more length and volume. I seem to have a love hate relationship with Rimmel mascara's some I love some just don't work. This is one though that I'd recommend to anyone who looks full looking lashes with a nice amount of length and volume. It's not to over the top.

have you tried any Rimmel mascara's?
do you have any faves? let me know!

Friday, 25 October 2013

raspberry milkshake.

'iya beauties,
This particular body cream they don't do anymore at ASDA which I where I picked this one up. I bought this because it smells heavenly. The link will take you to the other N-Spa products that they do. They do a very similar one which is just scented with raspberry. That one smells good but not as good as this. I love sweet scents like this. If you're interested in picking up a shower gel that's similar smelling Original Source do one. It's in the scent Vanilla and raspberry. It smells so similar and it's gorgeous.
 Now I've talked about my love for body butters before and I'm normally very loyal to The Body Shop. Reason being they work really well. Decent sized tub and will last you ages. They also do a range of scents so if you're not in to particularly sweet scents then there's more mild or fruity ones. Basically something for everyone. Bare in mind a body butter is extremely rich and moisturising. Typically I'm someone who loves sweet scents more for the evening but I'm really not fussed. Citrus scents I prefer to use in the morning because I find them awakening and more refreshing.
This N-spa body cream is a slightly lighter texture than my normal go to body butter. It absorbs into the skin nicely and the scent lingers on the skin for a long time. I like that because I don't get the point of applying the body butter when the scent doesn't last for more than a couple of hours. I'm someone who is very impatient when it comes to waiting for body butters to sink into my skin which is why I like this one so much. This is great for if you want something lighter than a body butter but heavier than a standard moisturiser. I'd recommend taking a look at this range because they've got some fab products in their line.
what are your favourite body butters /creams?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

mid week round up #4

'iya lovelies,
the warmer weather is definitely fading out now and colder days and nights are drawing in. That's more of an excuse to get knitted tights, chunky cardigans and all other winter clothing out! Scented candles also get to come back out. I don't know about you but I don't really light candles in the summer. It's normally far too hot to have a candle burning! With that being said I've been quite busy on the Youtube front of things. This week not only did you get a video from me Sunday but there was one Wednesday too! I shall put them below in case you haven't seen them. It's again been a busy week for me. I'm looking forward to the weekend for a night out so I can let my hair down! Unfortunately I'm at work on the Sunday so my rest doesn't come until later that day. Probably an early night too that night as I shall most likely be hungover! Definitely looking forward to Monday and Tuesday my days off next week! That's when the majority of my editing and posts happen, as it's the most free time I get to do those types of things. I hope you're enjoying your week!
Drugstore Haul:
October Glossybox UK 2013: Dark Romance!

10 colour blush palette.

'iya lovelies,
First of BH Cosmetics as mentioned in one of my previous posts is a brilliant make up cosmetics brand. All their products are inexpensive and I think brilliant for people just starting out in make up. This palette I purchased from amazon for £12.50. It is available on their website however shipping to the UK is expensive! This palette comes with 10 blushes which are a fairly good size. They're slightly smaller than your typical MAC blush. You also have a mix of bright and neutral blushes with a couple of bronzers thrown in there. The bronzers are perfect for contour. You've got a mix of matte, shimmer and satin blushes in this palette. I think this is perfect for everyone because there is something for everyone in this palette. Of course my favourite shade is the orange which is gorgeous. The brighter colours I like to apply with a stippling blush as I find them easier to blend out. However I've also decided mixing the colours can create a beautiful look. Not only that it makes the blush look more natural. If you're looking for a new blush palette which I think everyone should have at least one in their collection then this is for you. It's great for people just starting out in make up and also great for people who like to experiment.
have you tried any products from BH Cosmetics?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

go to simple skincare.

'iya beauties,
Skincare doesn't normally tend to make it to my blog. I have so many skincare items I want to feature on here just limited with time! I purchased these two items back in the summer when my skin was going through a terrible phase. It was breaking out constantly, breakouts would clear up and then I'd get more. It was a constant battle with my skin for about a month. I purchased these because they are extremely gentle on the skin so it's great if you have sensitive skin. Personally I cannot use Neutrogena or Clearasil. They break me out badly, so I steer way clear of those. I'm quite comfortable in what I use on my skin now so I'm going to be doing a skincare routine at some point. Back to the point here. These two products work really well together and this was all I used for a month in order to get my skin to calm down. I felt Clean & Clear although it's fab and is my go to, was being a little harsh for my broken out skin. I started off with the foaming cleanser to remove the rest of my make up that I hadn't taken off with a make up wipe. I then rinse my face and go in with the facial wash. After rinsing again I'd follow up with a moisturiser. This seemed to really help at my time of need. I think these products are fab and definitely worth trying! I do still use them from time to time however I am currently back having a love affair with Clean & Clear. Clean & Clear is typically my go to holy grail when it comes to skincare because I know it works. Watch this space for more simple reviews!