Thursday, 5 September 2013

tangle teezer.

'iya beauties.
Firstly, where the hell did August go? It feels like only yesterday it was the 1st. Now the kids are all back at school and we're already 5 days into September. This year is seriously just flying by. Not only that August has been one word.. busy. My schedule for writing blog posts and uploading videos is sort of getting there aha! Where I've been so busy it's been difficult having time to edit and film etc. However I'm slowly getting there and things are starting to get back to normal! I shall keep you updated! Anyway moving on.....
I cannot believe that since I've been blogging I have not talked about this handy little tool before now. What am I talking about? The beauty cult, Tangle Teezer of course.
Okay so first off the price varies due to which one you actually get. Now you can get these gems from Boots or there's a huge list of where else you can get it from on the Internet. Places like Amazon, Ebay, BeautyBay etc. They come in a variety of colours and as you can see I picked my one up in orange for £10.99. I got this when I went to Bluewater which I believe I've shown this in a haul over on my Youtube Channel! Now this is so much better than your regular brush. Since I've decided to grow my hair not only is getting long it's getting tangly too. Especially in the mornings and when I've just washed it. This can make brushing your hair a right chore because not only do you end up pulling out bits of your hair it tends to pull on your hair which is not the greatest feeling in the world. Because of this I decided to invest my pennies in one of these tangle teezers. I've never looked back since purchasing this. It is amazing at getting knots out of your hair. I was so surprised at how gentle it is on your hair. You don't get any pulling like you would with a normal hair brush and really is just brilliant. You've got two different bristle sizes slightly longer bristles and slightly smaller ones. This allows it to just glide through your hair with minimal effort. I couldn't recommend this product more to you to be honest. If you've got tangly, unruly and extremely prone to knots then this would be for you. As I've said these are widely available so I'm sure it won't be too difficult to pick one up. You've also got a choice of colours so you can find one for you. I will probably be picking another one up at some point so I've got a spare as I often find myself misplacing my current one!
Please let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like to see on my blog!

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