Wednesday, 4 September 2013


'iya beauties,
As you may have realised I do mention my nieces quite a lot on here especially in more chatty posts like this. For the past month each week we've had Keira, Beth, Fia and Stacey to stay. It's actually been quite nice having them here for three days on their own. It's not often I get to spend time with them on their own if that makes sense. So I'm gonna start with Keira. Keira being the oldest now it makes it difficult to actually have some time with just her. It's lovely when that opportunity arises because she's getting to the age where I can do things with her I can't with the others! To be honest all we really did was go food shopping, bake cakes, chill out, watch films etc. It was a chilled out time and to be honest it was really nice. She's growing up so quickly she'll be 9 in January. It won't be long before she's a teenager!

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