Friday, 20 September 2013


'iya beauties.
Another bit of a random post today! I've featured this product in a birthday haul and also in a favourites video. Now as you know I'm a huge fan of products that smell amazing! What a surprise I've got another product to go on about today which does indeed smell amazing! What am I like when it comes to my scents?!
First of I love the packaging of this product which is normally always a must for me to even look at something in the first place. It has to catch my eye! Anyway moving on. I'm not normally a spray kinda gal when it comes to deodorant! I've always been all about the roll on. Not no more I've found a staple spray that I love. I'm on my third can I love it that much. This deodorant gives you 48hr protection which is great especially for in the summer! There is honestly nothing worse than a deodorant that just doesn't work! The scent which to me is the best part of this product aha is fruity and floral. White flowers (jasmine and rose) mixed with apricot and vanilla. It's the apricot and vanilla that really stands out to me it really is amazing. I normally manage to pick this up for £2 however ASDA currently have a beauty event on where everything is 3 for £5. So if you do need anything like this I'd go and take a look and pick up some bargins! Make up is also included in this with everything £5 or less!

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