Thursday, 26 September 2013


'iya beauties,
as many of you know I'm a huge lover of neutrals. Now at the beginning of the year I delved into the world of BH cosmetics! I purchased their 28 colour neutral palette as I wanted a palette which was reasonably sized that I could use for everyday looks! I have an 88 colour one which I purchased from ebay however there is so much choice there that I spend too long trying to decide haha!
I purchased my palette from Amazon however I am looking into getting more of these palettes because they are amazing. I love this palette to death and have used it so so much! I've created some gorgeous looks using this. There are lovely warm tones in this palette which I love! You've also got matte and shimmer so it's not just one or the other. I'm not normally a fan of palettes like that. One really good thing about this is that there are a couple of shades which you can use as a either a blush, highlight or bronzer (contour). It's a multi purpose palette which is even better! My two favourite shades that I cannot live without is bottom middle and top right! I love the matte mauve shade its gorgeous in the crease. Then you've got the dark smokey purple with a tiny hint of glitter. It reminds me of busted out of the Naked 2 palette. I love shades like that and I pop that in the outer corner to add more definition! This is really great for creating really simple natural looks. If you're feeling particularly daring one day then add some more depth by adding some darker colours and creating a smokey eye! These palettes I'd say are definitely worth checking out. They're great value for money, pigmented, long lasting and multi purpose!

Friday, 20 September 2013


'iya beauties.
Another bit of a random post today! I've featured this product in a birthday haul and also in a favourites video. Now as you know I'm a huge fan of products that smell amazing! What a surprise I've got another product to go on about today which does indeed smell amazing! What am I like when it comes to my scents?!
First of I love the packaging of this product which is normally always a must for me to even look at something in the first place. It has to catch my eye! Anyway moving on. I'm not normally a spray kinda gal when it comes to deodorant! I've always been all about the roll on. Not no more I've found a staple spray that I love. I'm on my third can I love it that much. This deodorant gives you 48hr protection which is great especially for in the summer! There is honestly nothing worse than a deodorant that just doesn't work! The scent which to me is the best part of this product aha is fruity and floral. White flowers (jasmine and rose) mixed with apricot and vanilla. It's the apricot and vanilla that really stands out to me it really is amazing. I normally manage to pick this up for £2 however ASDA currently have a beauty event on where everything is 3 for £5. So if you do need anything like this I'd go and take a look and pick up some bargins! Make up is also included in this with everything £5 or less!

Friday, 13 September 2013

blue bath.

'iya beauties.
(apologies for the sloppy application here!)
I don't know what you're expecting from the title of this post but it is not a blue bath ;) I am talking about a nail polish! Of course it's a Miss Sporty one. You all know how much I've gone on and on about how good they are on here and in my videos! This one is no exception it's blue! Blue is one of my favourite colours and as this is a pastel colour it's even better! This is part of their clubbing colours line which means that this nail polish is quick dry! Fabulous because I hate waiting for it to dry. It's like time passes so slowly when you're waiting for your nails to dry. I topped this off with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine top coat. It gives your nails a beautiful shine. I've reviewed that already on here so feel free to go and check that out! Have a beautiful day :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

TRESemme extra hold.

'iya beauties,
My first Glossybox I received a product which I knew I already loved. Now I know I've reviewed a TRESemme hairspray on here before however for one this is a different one and two it's a travel size which is SUPER cute!
I adore TRESemme. As mentioned previously it's only really been this year that I've delved into the world of TRESemme. Thank god I did it's done wonders for my hair! I do slightly prefer my other hairspray over this one simply because it's a slightly better hold. My other one is superior hold with a touchable finish. That one is perfect for nights out! However if I'm going somewhere then this one is perfect as I can just throw it in my handbag and I'm good to go! It's fast drying and it doesn't leave me with that straw like feeling where you just lose all movement in your hair. I hate that in a hairspray and avoid them! It also has 24hr climate control humidity resistant. This is great if your hair gets frizzy when it's humid. I hate when it's humid especially at night but I'm aware some people really do struggle with their hair when it's humid outside! It's really not a good look and you end up looking like a hot mess! I'd totally recommend TRESemme as a brand anyway, but give their hairsprays a go!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

mid-week roundup #1.

'iya beauties.
I've figured I normally post whichever video I've uploaded onto my Youtube Channel on here on a Wednesday. I don't know why it's always a Wednesday it just is aha! It lets you watch it on here if you haven't seen it on my channel. I like these kinds of chatty posts where they're not particularly focused on anything. So this week what have I done?! I've been spending time with my other half Jase, babysitting Fia and dying my hair. It's been a bit of a busy week. I decided my roots were getting a little out of control so I re-dyed my hair. I am going to have a full blog post on how I did it, the colour, the results etc very soon! I also managed to have a bit of a splurge on skincare and Rimmel! I spent yesterday evening photographing products for my blog so you can expect to see posts on them in the near future! My sister is back doing her level 3 teaching assistant course so we're back to having Sofia on a Tuesday and Thursday! It was so strange having her here yesterday all day as we hadn't in almost seven weeks! Oh how time flies! I cannot believe we're nearly halfway through the month either! Today is my daddy's birthday and he's out all day! Presents will be given later. He's not typically a birthday person but I guarantee if we all forgot he wouldn't like it! I also filmed a video last night on all my lovely purchases which shall be up in the next couple of weeks. I know my uploading schedule is still a bit out at the moment but I promise I'm getting there ;) My main focus at the moment has been blogging as it's what I've not been doing an awful lot of over the past few months. I've missed it heaps and so glad I've managed to get myself back into it! I've finally got back into a good skincare routine so I want to be doing a detailed blog post and video on that soon! It's been a while because I've been toning it down as my skin had a massive break out session. I don't know what caused it but I had breakout after breakout. My skin isn't acne prone however I do get the occasional breakouts! This week's video will probably go up on Friday rather than Sunday as I will be at Jase's until next Tuesday/Wednesday. Blog post wise I shall probably end up scheduling a couple of posts as I feel like I've only just got back into the swing of things I don't want to stop. As for the weather the colder months are definitely settling back in. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this! It means nice hot bubble baths, candles burning, fluffy pjs.. it makes me excited. I prefer autumn and winter over spring and summer. I really don't know why but I do just prefer the cold! Not only that I LOVE Christmas! I am going to leave my little ramble here. Enjoy your day beautiful's with whatever you're doing today.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

purple maxi.

'iya beauties,
maxi dress: new look £35
denim jacket: Matalan £30
sandals: new look £20 (which you can't see aha!)
I absolutely love this maxi dress. I'm not normally a floral person however I really do love this pattern. I love the purple on it as well! Maxi dresses really are great when it's hot because they just keep you cool. It's also a great way of looking like you tried when in fact it took you about 10 minutes if that to get ready and get out the door! I love outfits that you can do this with because basically I'm lazy! The denim jacket is one of my staples because it's so versatile. You really can pair this with a lot of outfits. It works well dressing an outfit up or down which is fab!
enjoy your day beautifuls!

Monday, 9 September 2013

venus & olay.

'iya beauties,
I don't normally rave about the type of product I am today. However this is blooming amazing and I think you should all try it if you haven't! What am I talking about?! The Gillette Venus & Olay razor. It's become my fave and I've had it for ages actually. I've been meaning to review this for quite some time it's just one of those things that gets pushed to the back!
The razor itself I got at an introductory price for £4 when it first hit the shelves everywhere. However £10.99 is a good price considering it is a 5 blade razor, it comes with a blade and a shower stand so you can hang it in your shower. The convenience factor is awarded to this little beauty. You can also purchase more blades (3 pack) for £10.99 which is a blooming good price considering how much it would cost you to replace the whole razor itself. To go along with this range there is a shaving gel which is priced at £3.49. 5 blades means you get a closer shave which is perfect for the summer so you can have super smooth legs. I don't know about you but I love that! Now what makes these blades more expensive than the normal Gillette Venus ones are the fact they have two moisture bars. That's where Olay comes into this handy little tool. The moisture bars offer a smooth shave and they also prevent your skin from dryness. It's optional to use shaving gel with this razor because the moisture bars lather up so it's not entirely necessary. This is what I love because it means if you're in a rush you don't need to bother and it literally takes seconds! It's quick, easy and your legs are super smooth without using shaving gel or conditioner in my case. I like to use conditioner because it allows me to get the silky smooth feeling which lasts longer than you would with a shaving gel. However that is my choice. I've also found it's cheaper too! A bonus to all of Gillette's blades which I wasn't aware of until now is that they fit any razor handle which is fab!
do let me know if you've tried this razor and your thoughts!
Love you all millions!
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

tangle teezer.

'iya beauties.
Firstly, where the hell did August go? It feels like only yesterday it was the 1st. Now the kids are all back at school and we're already 5 days into September. This year is seriously just flying by. Not only that August has been one word.. busy. My schedule for writing blog posts and uploading videos is sort of getting there aha! Where I've been so busy it's been difficult having time to edit and film etc. However I'm slowly getting there and things are starting to get back to normal! I shall keep you updated! Anyway moving on.....
I cannot believe that since I've been blogging I have not talked about this handy little tool before now. What am I talking about? The beauty cult, Tangle Teezer of course.
Okay so first off the price varies due to which one you actually get. Now you can get these gems from Boots or there's a huge list of where else you can get it from on the Internet. Places like Amazon, Ebay, BeautyBay etc. They come in a variety of colours and as you can see I picked my one up in orange for £10.99. I got this when I went to Bluewater which I believe I've shown this in a haul over on my Youtube Channel! Now this is so much better than your regular brush. Since I've decided to grow my hair not only is getting long it's getting tangly too. Especially in the mornings and when I've just washed it. This can make brushing your hair a right chore because not only do you end up pulling out bits of your hair it tends to pull on your hair which is not the greatest feeling in the world. Because of this I decided to invest my pennies in one of these tangle teezers. I've never looked back since purchasing this. It is amazing at getting knots out of your hair. I was so surprised at how gentle it is on your hair. You don't get any pulling like you would with a normal hair brush and really is just brilliant. You've got two different bristle sizes slightly longer bristles and slightly smaller ones. This allows it to just glide through your hair with minimal effort. I couldn't recommend this product more to you to be honest. If you've got tangly, unruly and extremely prone to knots then this would be for you. As I've said these are widely available so I'm sure it won't be too difficult to pick one up. You've also got a choice of colours so you can find one for you. I will probably be picking another one up at some point so I've got a spare as I often find myself misplacing my current one!
Please let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like to see on my blog!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


'iya beauties,
As you may have realised I do mention my nieces quite a lot on here especially in more chatty posts like this. For the past month each week we've had Keira, Beth, Fia and Stacey to stay. It's actually been quite nice having them here for three days on their own. It's not often I get to spend time with them on their own if that makes sense. So I'm gonna start with Keira. Keira being the oldest now it makes it difficult to actually have some time with just her. It's lovely when that opportunity arises because she's getting to the age where I can do things with her I can't with the others! To be honest all we really did was go food shopping, bake cakes, chill out, watch films etc. It was a chilled out time and to be honest it was really nice. She's growing up so quickly she'll be 9 in January. It won't be long before she's a teenager!

Monday, 2 September 2013

retail therapy.

'iya beauties.
There's nothing that I love more than a day out with one of my girls. Recently I met up with one of my school friends who I'm still extremely close to. We had a lovely day hitting the shops, spending money (damaging my account), catching up and relaxing. Retail therapy is just what I needed after a long couple of weeks. We also got a spot of lunch at Pizza Hut which I've not been to in well over a year! It was a really lovely day! It's so important to make time for your friends. Even if you've not seen them in ages! I don't see her a lot where she's been back and forth to uni. However she graduated last month so she's back down my way which is brilliant as I get to meet up with her a lot more! I love the kind of friendships where you don't have to talk everyday but you know if you need a chat they will be there. This is a friendship I honestly treasure and I love this girl to bits! Not seen a friend in a while? Give them a call and meet up! Life is too short!