Sunday, 11 August 2013

tough moments.

Hiya Beauties,
It's no secret that life has it's ups and downs. There will be moments filled with absolute joy and happiness. Sadly, there will be moments which are filled with not so happy moments, sadness and despair. It's the cycle of life and every bad moment makes you a stronger person. I've mentioned previously I'm currently going through a rough patch. Losing someone is possibly one of the worst feelings to experience. It's heart-breaking.
People obviously deal with this matter in a different ways. Some bottle it up, some let it out etc. Whichever way it's never easy to deal with. Acceptance itself is one of the hardest things. I feel like I've only been able to accept the passing of my Grandpa since Monday just gone. Reason being that was the day of the funeral. Possibly one of the hardest days for me yet. It's never easy but it kinda slaps the reality into you.

My Grandpa was honestly one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. His sense of humour was just incredible! I see where my dad gets it from and then the six of us! He was a hero, fought for our country and made us all proud. It was his birthday August 4th and he would of been 91. That's a good age considering the health problems he had in the last few years of his life. He wasn't the same when my Nanna passed back in 2005. The light went out of his life and he just lost all motivation he just wanted to be with her. They're reunited now and finally at peace. Although it's difficult, it's nice knowing he's not suffering anymore. You'll always be loved more than you'll ever know. This one's for you Grandpa. Missing you & Nanna always. Forever in my thoughts.

 Goodnight Grandpa, Sleep tight.
Love you always!

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