Tuesday, 20 August 2013

sleek lace.

i'ya beauties,

So it's no surprise with my recent blog post that I am a huge Sleek makeup fan. I've always wanted to try Sleek but never really got around to it. I bit the bullet and did and now I'm addicted. Good for my ever expanding make up collection bad for my bank balance!
This lovely little palette is once of the most popular blush trios. £9.99 for three decent sized blushes I think is a really good price. The formulation of these blushes is really good too. They're long lasting and high pigmented. In this little handy palette you've got two matte blushes and then a shimmer in the middle. The three shades are Chantilly, Guipure, Crochet and that's going from left to right (orange to pink/coral). The orange is not too bright and looks lovely once blended into the skin. This has been a go to shade for me especially this summer. I personally just very gently swirl my brush into the colour as they are highly pigmented and I don't normally go for a strong blush look. The next shade is a pink which has gold shimmer. It is a truly beautiful shade and if I'm looking for something more subtle I tend to opt for this one. You have then got a lovely coral colour which I also love using. I feel this palette would be amazing if you're just starting out in makeup and are looking for some subtle but still colourful blushes to have in your collection. I love the fact you've also got a nice sized mirror as well which is helpful if you're on the go! I definitely plan to have a look and see what other trio's Sleek have as I am a huge fan of their blushes!
Have you tried any Sleek make up?


  1. I *love* this trio - can't wait to get my hands on it! I've been loving Sleek too, quite good quality and so affordable too! :)



    1. They're blushes are such good quality so pigmented! Definitely worth the pennies! x


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