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august glossybox.

'iya beauties.
So last month there was no Glossybox one of two reasons. I got the box itself rather late in the month and by the time I had chance to properly look at it it was already August. I didn't really see the point to be honest. In some ways it was a good box and in others I wasn't really too fussed. For that reason I decided to not put a post up.
This months Glossybox is all about 'highflyers' which at first I thought was about little sample products to take away with you on holiday. However after some thought I realised it's products which are popular from around the world! Pays off to actually read the leaflet ;) Let's just put this out there, there is nothing bad I can say about this months box. There are products from Sweden, USA, Brazil and the UK.
full size 15ml - £1.49
Tresemmé is a favourite hair brand of mine. It's only really been the start of this year that I've fallen in love with their products. I really do love them they work wonders on my hair. Their platinum strength range has been raved about on Youtube and loved by many! Now this product is going to be perfect if you've got damaged hair. Not necessarily blonde hair, but damaged. The idea is to apply once a week after you've shampooed and rinsed your hair. Avoid roots as you don't want to enhance the oils making your hair look and feel more greasy!
full size - £10.50
Jelly Pong Pong is a brand I am now getting more familiar with thanks to Glossybox. I've found it can be a bit of a hit and miss. One of the products I've received previously I've loved and the other not so much. I'm excited about this product as it comes off a plum shade. I'm really loving putting purple in the crease at the moment and the outer corner. If I'm feeling particularly daring that day I even pop a bit of purple on the lower lash line! What I love about this product is that it's versatile. This can be used as a shadow stick and a liner. You could even use this as a base so eyeshadow/pigment/glitter will stick to it. This makes products you put on top more long lasting! I'm expecting great things from this product!
Now I'm not someone who has to curl their eyelashes everyday. I often find they don't need it. The only time I normally do is if I'm going out on a night out or for an occasion. When I saw these in my Glossybox I got excited like a kid at Christmas! These eyelash curlers are supposed to have a 'special' curved design which makes them suitable for all eye shapes. This is an excellent idea because it can be a pain when the eyelash curler just doesn't work for your eye shape. Not only that these do not touch your makeup base which means no smudges on your eyelid! I love the fact these are black and red they look very sleek. You also get three spare cushions too so these will last you a long time!
full size 200ml - £8.50
This handy little product aims to heal and soothe your skin. It is a cult product over in the States which just really goes to show you that it must be a good product! It is designed for very dry or cracked skin! If you've got dry skin then this product may be for you! I'm excited to try this especially in the colder months when I often get dryer skin than normal.
Okay so first off let me just say I've left you the link for the website where you can get more information about this product as it is not currently available here in the UK. Now the idea of this pen is to remove any smudges or mess ups that you may make. This may be with eyeliner, mascara, lipstick... I mean the list is endless more a less. This idea is amazing especially if you're doing your make up on the go and don't have access to cotton buds or make up remover to fix any mistakes! It's extremely handy for carrying around in your bag and I cannot wait to give this a whirl! I shall definitely keep you updated on how I get on with this!
Keep your eyes peeled for my August Glossybox video which I put up on my Youtube to go along side these posts!

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