Wednesday, 3 July 2013

honey bee

Good morning beauties!
It's no surprise that I am a huge LUSH fan. I love going in there to browse and then coming out with a bag full of goodies. This is another bath bomb to add to the many I've tried from there. If you have sore irritated skin this product could be heaven for you. It calms and soothes sore skin. What makes this product so great?! It has rhassoul mud, honey and aloe vera. All ingredients to help you relax whilst in the bath. I do love the smell. I find it to be quite subtle smell which makes a nice change from other bath bombs which can sometimes be a little overpowering. If I'm honest I'm not a massive fan of the colour the bath water turns but that won't stop me from picking another one of these up next time in LUSH. The bath water goes a yellow colour which for bath water you can see why I'm not a fan aha! I used this after work one night and it relaxed me to no end. It left my skin feeling incredibly soft as well! I'd recommend giving this one a go if you haven't already!

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