Monday, 22 July 2013

harry potter.

Hiya Beauties!

So this week I'm currently at my boyfriends and I've become quite addicted to the Xbox. I never would have thought that would happen but oh my it has. I will explain the lack of videos and blog posts when I'm back home. As mentioned in my last post I've currently got a lot going on in my personal life. But anyway, moving on from that. I completed Madagascar 3 yesterday and those really are my types of games. I'm someone who will spend ages investigating and collecting everything and I really do mean everything. I'd much rather do that than just whiz through the game. Yesterday I got Harry Potter Lego years 1-4. I've been playing it non stop since yesterday it really is my type of game. I think why I'm so addicted because it is so like the films and I am a huge Harry Potter fanatic anyway! I shall be picking up years 5-7 tomorrow from Game if they have it. Fingers crossed they do! 

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I watched Monsters University last night and oh my it is a brilliant film! My youngest niece Fia is absolutely obsessed with Sully! Anything to do with Sully that she sees she demands that she needs and would really like it, bless her! I shall be watching despicable me 1 & 2 tonight. I am obsessed with the minions I swear they are what the make the film ;) I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, it's lovely here however I'm currently sitting indoors with two fans on. I can't stand it when it's too hot and I've got things to do. It's okay when you can just lay out in the garden and do nothing! Tomorrow I am going shopping so I am looking forward to that. I would have probably posted a beauty post today however miss smarty pants did not bring her laptop. All my blogging bits and bobs are on my laptop so that' a bit problematic. I wanted to do a chatty post though! Not too sure when my next post shall be as I've said I've still got things going on in my personal life so I am just taking each day as it comes for now! 

I hope everyone is doing well!



Tuesday, 16 July 2013

summer catchup.

Good morning beauties,
I'm going to apologise now for if there are no regular posts at the moment. I've got a few things going on and I can't really think about blogging and uploading videos at the moment. It's a stressful time and I need to take some chill out time until I know what's happening. For that reason I thought I would catch you guys up to date in case you've missed my previous two videos. I hope everyone's doing well and I hope to back to normal very soon!
I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather we're currently having. We're supposed to be having this heat wave until August, so definitely make the most of it!

Friday, 12 July 2013

electric orange

Good evening beauties,
First of all, the lack on content in the past week is due to having some down time in between working. As I've said before I won't put anything up on my blog that I'm not happy with. Nor will I put a post up just for the sake of giving you something to read. With that being said this is my 100th post! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago since I started blogging!

So orange seems to be making quite a regular appearance on my blog. Also in my make up collection too. It's a lovely summery colour which I seem to be wearing no matter what the weather! I'm a little bit addicted at the moment which is bad for my bank balance! I purchased this back in April when I went to Bluewater. I'd heard that Maybelline had released a new line for their color sensational range. This is the vivid's collection which you guessed it means they're vivid. If you're more of a subtle person and prefer nudes I'd probably say steer well clear of this. They're vibrant, fun and perfect for summer! I cannot wait to pick up some more shades personally. First of though I had to get an orange. As you can see the packaging is nice and bright too which I like. The tube that the lipstick itself is in is pretty basic but for a drugstore lipstick you can't really aim to high for packaging if it's a good bargin! I really like this shade on the lips. It's not a neon orange but it is as the tube says vivid. I would personally wear this everyday. The lipstick itself smells amazing. As I've said before I'm all for good scents I don't know why it's like a weird addiction of mine ;) It smells like vanilla cupcakes which are just delicious anyway! I find this isn't drying on the lips, it's long lasting and pigmented. I definitely plan on giving more of this collection a go. Before this lipstick I'd never really tried Maybelline lipsticks, I tend to go for Rimmel. However I have now been converted. Have you tried any of these?! If so what are your favourite shades?!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

revlon lip butters

Good Afternoon Beauties,
I'm currently sitting writing this in the garden as it is so lovely at the moment. The title of the post probably comes as no surprise to you. I have totally fallen in love with the Revlon lip butters. Now they've been at the drugstore in the UK for ages now however I only recently jumped on the band wagon. I think there was so much hype around these as a product that I didn't really see the point. However now I completely take that back as these are my go to summer lip product! They're a really lovely moisturising lip colour. You get a really nice colour pay off and the good things about these lip products is that you can build up the colour. So if you don't want as much colour you can apply it very lightly. I am probably going to pick myself up some more because they really are one of my favourite lip products. Originally I picked two up to start with and they were Tutti Frutti and Sorbet. I loved them so much though that I had to go back and pick up two more! I opted for Wild Watermelon which is a new shade brought out for summer this year and the well loved Candy Apple. I think this is a must have for everybody. They are affordable, long lasting, moisturising and hydrating on the lips! They also smell really good too. Which if you know me you know I love anything that smells good! Normally you can find these on promotion in either Boots or Superdrug.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

make up madness.

Good evening beauties!
Earlier I was putting away some new bits of make up when I thought I have so much that I haven't used in so such a long time. I watched a 'shop my stash' video a few days ago which has inspired me when I have the time to actually go through my make up collection and dig out some older products. I find that I buy new products use them and then forget about much loved older ones. I must say this happens especially with lipsticks and eye shadows for me. Also nail polish. They're my guilty pleasures ;) I am thinking about making a video on this soon! You know when you have them days that inspire you, I've had one of those today. Although it's been busy. Today actually feels like it's flown by. I also uploaded a new video today. It's a pre-birthday collective haul. I shall link it down below so you can watch it. Do feel free to hop on over to my channel and subscribe while you're there :)

honey bee

Good morning beauties!
It's no surprise that I am a huge LUSH fan. I love going in there to browse and then coming out with a bag full of goodies. This is another bath bomb to add to the many I've tried from there. If you have sore irritated skin this product could be heaven for you. It calms and soothes sore skin. What makes this product so great?! It has rhassoul mud, honey and aloe vera. All ingredients to help you relax whilst in the bath. I do love the smell. I find it to be quite subtle smell which makes a nice change from other bath bombs which can sometimes be a little overpowering. If I'm honest I'm not a massive fan of the colour the bath water turns but that won't stop me from picking another one of these up next time in LUSH. The bath water goes a yellow colour which for bath water you can see why I'm not a fan aha! I used this after work one night and it relaxed me to no end. It left my skin feeling incredibly soft as well! I'd recommend giving this one a go if you haven't already!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

cranberry lip blush.

Good morning beauties!
I have an extremely busy day today so I thought I'd get a little ahead of myself and blog now whilst I actually have time to sit down. Bare in mind I've not yet gone to bed that's not the point! ;) I'm going to take you way back to when I did my first Glossybox post. I think that was April's box if I remember correctly. I got introduced to a brand called jelly pong pong. I had never heard of them before and had no idea what they actually sold. I stumbled across their lip crayon balm stains due to having one in my Glossybox. I didn't quite know what to expect to be honest as I knew nothing about the brand. I think in a way that's quite nice because it can either take you by surprise and completely make you fall in love with the product or do the opposite. Luckily I have fallen in love with this product it's perfect for the spring/summer months.
I absolutely love the colour pay off that you get with this product. Bare in mind it's supposed to be a tint of colour you can layer this up to get quite a nice colour. I thought this shade was raspberry which is more fitting however it is cranberry. That is supposed to be a berry red but I feel this looks more like a Barbie pink. I've never used any of their products before and I am remotely impressed with this product. This is long lasting on the lips as well. I wore this a couple of weeks ago and forgot I had it on. I'd gone out and come back and thought "oh I still have it on!" It keeps my lips feeling extremely hydrated and moisturised which I love. This are very similar to the Clinque chubby sticks and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. It's the same concept, the only thing that differs is the price with the different brands. I can't say I prefer these to the Revlon ones as there is only two colours with this brand.
Have any of you tried any Jelly Pong Pong products? Perhaps this one, if so what did you think?!

Monday, 1 July 2013

june glossybox

Hiya Beauties.
Finally I can say I've got round to getting this post up aha! I've been slacking so much at the moment. So the video that goes along with this post I uploaded yesterday and was featured in last nights blog post. I'm actually pretty happy with this Glossybox this month!
L-R: John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum, MEMEME cosmetics mono eye shadow, MONU hydrating moisturiser SPF 15, FIGS&ROUGE coco rose lip balm, HELEN E Cosmetics lip crayon.
Frizz Ease Original Serum
Full Size: 50ml for £6.29
Believe it or not I've not actually tried this product! Looking to create a smooth polished look? This is the perfect product for you. It helps keep frizz and flyaway's under control. It can be a right pain in the bum right when you do a hairstyle and you've got flyaways. This can be used for all hairstyles whether you prefer to have curled hair, beachy waves or straight. To achieve best results then use when you're hair is soaking wet. Leave in and style your hair as normal, simple!
Eye Inspire Mono Eye Shadow
Full Size: £4.99
With this product you receive the full size. I'm not too sure how many different shades there were however I got a black. It's got glitter running through it too. I'm most excited about using this as I do love a good smokey eye. I've not tried any eye shadows by MEMEME cosmetics. These eye shadows are baked with a long lasting formulation. You can apply these wet or dry to your eyelid.
Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15
Full Size: £29.95
Oh hello new moisturiser. I'm slightly excited about trying a new moisturiser. Even better this one has SPF in it to protect you from the sun, oh happy days! This is also supposed to blur imperfections and correct skin tone due to soft focus technology. Whether or not that works we shall see. I shall be trying this out when we get some nice weather here!
Coco Rose Lip Balm
Full Size: £5
This is a tinted lip balm. It has a slight tone of pink but on the lips is very sheer. You can also use this for elbows, knees and cuticles. You can even tame unruly eyebrows with this product! Multi-purpose or what?! There is a cherry blossom one which was also being sent out. I can't say I'm a massive fan of the scent of this. I'm not one for floral scents when it comes to lip products however it is a nice lip balm.
Lip Crayon
Full Size: £8
 More lip products?! this is right up my street this month ;) You get a choice of a lip crayon or waterproof lip liner. I got the lip crayon which I'm so pleased about. I rarely use lip liners so I doubt I'd of got much use out of it. However this lovely little lip crayon is a gem. It's a gorgeous red colour which I shall be reviewing properly soon. I've really taken to lip crayons as they last a long time. It's basically like a crayon and you colour in your lips.. then you're good to go :) Feel free to add a gloss over the top if you're more of a gloss girl. However if you like more of the matte lip effect then just apply on it's own!

This months Glossybox video is here!

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