Sunday, 9 June 2013

original source shower gel.

Hiya beauties!
For once I've finally brought my laptop to my boyfriends! Which means I can get back to my blogging everyday like I used to (Mon-Fri) more if I feel like it! He's currently laying next to me zonked out snoring his head off. I thought I'd take the opportunity to do my blog while I can actually concentrate without him trying to distract me!
Original Source Shower Gels £2.30 each.
Bare in mind with the price of these however it's forever changing. Currently they are half price in Boots. You can get them for £1 in ASDA and normally Morrisons also have them on offer. It's very rare that you'd have to pay full price unless you're in major need of them ;)
So after hearing Louise and Fleur (sprinkleofglitter and fleurdeforce) rave about these I thought I want to see what all the fuss is about. I talked about going to Bluewater with my niece Beth a while back and I picked these up then. Boy I'm glad I did. These little beauties are honestly my favourite shower gels. Especially for in the mornings. They are so refreshing. My favourite out of the two is definetly the mint one, and it is a proper mint not a toothpaste mint! I know there are other scents in the range lime, lemon, vanilla milk and raspberry (naming a few). I'm eager to get my hands on the raspberry one it smells delicious. I'm all for sweet smelling shower gels. I'm someone who has loads of bubble bath and shower gels as I get hooked in by the goodness of scents. I'd say these shower gels are great value for money and will be my go to ones if I ever run out of my huge Body Shop stack! Last year I got bought so much for my birthday I'm still working my way through it over a year later.. MADNESS! There are also handwashes which excite me! They smell so good that I want to pick one up just because of that!
Have you tried any of original source products?!
Let me know!

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