Wednesday, 19 June 2013

empties #1

Hiya Beauties,
So a while back I posted my first empties video on youtube if you guys didn't see that then I shall link it at the end of this video so you can go and watch it! I've been wanting to do a post to kinda go along with that also it means I can go into slightly more detail about the products and tell you where you can get them from!
I've noticed when it comes to empties I mainly go through skin care and bath essentials the quickest. It takes me a while to use up make up simply because it just seems to last forever!
This product I have found to be a right pain in the bum to try and get hold of. Whenever I'm in desperate need of a new one I can never find it. ASDA is my saviour normally. Currently this product is 2 for £4 which is a bargin. I also use the 'tousle me softly' intensive mask which is in the purple tub. For some reason that one is easier to get hold of. What I really like about this mask is it leaves my hair smelling so good and I feel it does help to protect the colour of my hair. It makes it look more vibrant as after a while red can start to look a little dull I've found. This is one of my favourite hair masks to use and this isn't the first tub of this I've used up. I'd definetly recommend this product if you have coloured hair and are on the lookout for an affordable but good hair mask.
The packaging for this foundation has changed and so has the shades. The foundation has been said to be lighter. I personally love this foundation and used to use it all the time when I was in sixth form. However I now only use it for summer when I'm after something lighter. It's a light to medium coverage I'd say. It's quite long lasting and it's good for the price. I've been through many tubes of this foundation and normally Avon have their colortrend products on offer too.
I've sung the praises for this foundation both on here and my Youtube channel more than a few times! I've done a full review on here too, so you can check that out if you want more details! I'm currently on my second bottle of this. I have a darker shade for when I'm more tanned. I love this foundation. It's perfect all year round but it doesn't budge. I enjoy this in the summer. That's exactly what I bought it for last year. It's transfer proof, blends easily and also affordable. Massive thumbs up from me. Rimmel really do have some amazing products.
For some reason I stopped using this product then came back to it last year. I used to use it all the time infact it was the first powder I used. I love this it lasts all day. I don't get super oily but if I ever do it controls that problem. I use the transparent shade as I don't want to add more colour to my face after using foundation. I find this sets my face as well. I will continue to use this product for a long time. I'd say I go through about 3 or 4 of these a year.
I normally purchase this at ASDA where it is £1. I've gone through so many bottles of this, this year alone as it is. I'm a huge fan of these. I really do like Radox bubble bath and it's nice if I want to have a break from my LUSH obsession ;) This is definetly one of my favourite ones to get and it smells really good too!
Candied Ginger is a christmas scent so currently on their website they do not have it. They had it in last xmas so hopefully they will this year. This scent is absolutely gorgeous! I adore it and will definetly be purchasing another one! They last a long time and are extremley moisturising. The Body Shop do such lovely scents as well!
Again I've used this conditioner so many times. It is my go to conditioner if I want my hair to keep it's shine and vibrancy. I find red hair as a habit of looking quite dull as it fades. This helps my hair to look brighter. The scent of this is so good! I've noticed I seem to have an obsession with products smelling good aha!
I have also sung the praises for this product more than once ;) I love this mascara, it is honestly the best mascara I've ever used on my lashes. It gives them lots of volume and length. After using this my lashes look full, long and volumised! I've not found a mascara yet to be as good as this one. I shall keep going back to this one until I find another I like more! If you haven't checked this one out do so!
This has to be my favourite gradual tanning product. What I love about this which I've said before in a full review is that it doesn't leave you streaky. It moisturises whilst building a natural sun kissed look. I really do love this product and have purchased it multiple times. It doesn't leave behind the scent either which is good. There's nothing worse than a lingering scent on your skin!
I loved this body scrub so much I just didn't like how quickly I used it. Unfortunately they do not sell this scent anymore. They have a plain raspberry one but that doesn't smell half as good as this one! I'm definetly going to be purchasing more from this range as they are really good products and affordable too!
This wipes are my go to wipes. They are cheap and do the job! Normally these are 3 for £2 so I pick up 3 packs when I'm running low. These take off all my make up then I go on to do the rest of my skincare routine. I don't really see much point in spending a lot on make up wipes when there are more affordable ones on the market which are exactly the same and do a good job!


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