Sunday, 16 June 2013

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Hiya Beauties,
Happy Sunday, and if you're celebrating Fathers Day with your Dad then I hope you're having a good day! My parents are currently away in Cornwall for a week so I'm house sitting.
So what's been going on in my life this week?! I've been quite unwell this week. I've not felt right all week and ended up going down with glandular fever. I'm still feeling rough but thought I'd blog and edit anyway. When I'm ill I cannot just sit and lay and do nothing it drives me absolutely crazy. I also decided to take my laptop to my boyfriends so while he was at work I could edit and blog. This alowed me for the first time in ages to blog everyday Monday-Friday. You will know I always used to do this and it feels good to finally have done a full week again! I realised when I logged into Youtube Monday that my channel layout had completly changed itself. To be honest not the biggest fan of that. I finally managed to sort out my cover art though. I also edited a channel trailer which basically just tells you what videos to expect from me!
It got to Friday and I was thinking where has this week gone. It's absolutely flown by. I was feeling a little spontanous and decided I was going to cut my side fringe back in as it had grown out. I did that and still wasn't satisfied so I cut a full fringe in. I really like it now I've got used to! It's been so long since I had a full fringe! Pictures shall be coming soon I just haven't had change to take a picture yet! Yesterday I spent all day feeling sorry for myself I felt so ill, my throat was killing me and I was just so tired. I ended up seeing my boyfriend for a little bit yesterday and I felt better till I was back home! Typical aye. Still not feeling right today. If I stand up too quick I go light headed and my head feels like it's been hit with a hammer repeatedly.
What's the plan for today?! Well I am going to sort my wardrobe out.. believe me it's well needed. I've got so many clothes in there that I need to branch out into the empty wardrobe in the spare room. I'm going to transfer some winter clothes and work clothes to give me more space for summer clothes! Didn't think I'd have to do that but the amount of clothes I've gained in the past six months is slightly worrying. The bad thing about it is that I wear all of it too! Whilst doing that I think I shall be rendering a video so I can upload it later on for you guys. Thinking it shall be a TAG video possibly, make up things I suck at! So stay tuned for that.
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If you guys haven't checked out my latest video then I'll leave it down below for you!
I went to Bluewater a while ago and picked up some beauty items and wanted to put them in a haul for you guys as I know I love watching hauls myself.
Have a lovely week everyone!

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