Thursday, 30 May 2013

collection 2000 extreme 24hr eyeliner pen.

hiya beauties,
so it's probably no shock to you that I am a complete eyeliner fanatic. I'm always on the look out for new eyeliners to try whether it's kohls, gel or liquid. Eyeliner pens however are supposed to be the easiest to use if you have trouble with using liquid eyeliner. I always without fail used to mess up with liquid eyeliner but practice really does make perfect! I can use liquid eyeliner fine now. I've found it's also to do with the applicator that you're using. If you find you have a problem try perhaps using a thinner/thicker applicator whichever works best for you. So eyeliner pens aren't exactly new on the scene. There's many to choose from, from many different brands and all retailing at different prices. A lot of these also come in different colours as well. Being totally honest there's only two so far out of the many I've tried that actually work for me. One being the Revlon colorstay which I shall review soon and two being the one I want to talk about today... collection 2000 extreme 24hr eyeliner pen.
ignore the orange swatch there. showing a thick and a thin line.
So this eyeliner I saw being used in a tutorial and it was basically being raved about. It's small price tag of only £2.99 made me think well you know what if it doesn't work me then it's not too much money wasted. However It does work for me quite well. Problems I've had in the past is the nib is not strong enough and it just breaks. I don't have this problem with this. As with eyeliner pen though before you use give it a good shake. This hasn't dried out yet and I've had for a couple of months. This seems to be another issue with these types of eyeliners. What I like about this pen is that it clicks when the lid is fully on. This helps me know whether I've put the lid on properly! I'm also super fussy when it comes to eyeliners as I like them to be black. I mean blackest black as well! This eyeliner is fine for that! This is a versatile eyeliner as if you're not into thick lines then no bother, you can create a thin line! If a thin line isn't your style then no bother again.. you can create a thick line! If you ever have trouble doing a cat eye then need you worry no more. Eyeliner pens are FAB for doing cat eyes! Also allows you to practice a little too! I shall definetly be repurchasing when I need too. This is a great alternative if you're in a rush to do your eye makeup. Personally for me I wouldn't wear this on a night out but that's because I like to use my trusty gel eyeliner. It is long lasting, or for me it is anyway! You can pick this up from Boots or Superdrug!

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