Thursday, 30 May 2013

collection 2000 extreme 24hr eyeliner pen.

hiya beauties,
so it's probably no shock to you that I am a complete eyeliner fanatic. I'm always on the look out for new eyeliners to try whether it's kohls, gel or liquid. Eyeliner pens however are supposed to be the easiest to use if you have trouble with using liquid eyeliner. I always without fail used to mess up with liquid eyeliner but practice really does make perfect! I can use liquid eyeliner fine now. I've found it's also to do with the applicator that you're using. If you find you have a problem try perhaps using a thinner/thicker applicator whichever works best for you. So eyeliner pens aren't exactly new on the scene. There's many to choose from, from many different brands and all retailing at different prices. A lot of these also come in different colours as well. Being totally honest there's only two so far out of the many I've tried that actually work for me. One being the Revlon colorstay which I shall review soon and two being the one I want to talk about today... collection 2000 extreme 24hr eyeliner pen.
ignore the orange swatch there. showing a thick and a thin line.
So this eyeliner I saw being used in a tutorial and it was basically being raved about. It's small price tag of only £2.99 made me think well you know what if it doesn't work me then it's not too much money wasted. However It does work for me quite well. Problems I've had in the past is the nib is not strong enough and it just breaks. I don't have this problem with this. As with eyeliner pen though before you use give it a good shake. This hasn't dried out yet and I've had for a couple of months. This seems to be another issue with these types of eyeliners. What I like about this pen is that it clicks when the lid is fully on. This helps me know whether I've put the lid on properly! I'm also super fussy when it comes to eyeliners as I like them to be black. I mean blackest black as well! This eyeliner is fine for that! This is a versatile eyeliner as if you're not into thick lines then no bother, you can create a thin line! If a thin line isn't your style then no bother again.. you can create a thick line! If you ever have trouble doing a cat eye then need you worry no more. Eyeliner pens are FAB for doing cat eyes! Also allows you to practice a little too! I shall definetly be repurchasing when I need too. This is a great alternative if you're in a rush to do your eye makeup. Personally for me I wouldn't wear this on a night out but that's because I like to use my trusty gel eyeliner. It is long lasting, or for me it is anyway! You can pick this up from Boots or Superdrug!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

garnier summer body.

Hiya beauties!
So today I'm going to bring you a lovely review for the Garnier Summer Body. I've spoken about this before in a haul post and expressed my love for it.

The idea of this product is to give you a natural looking tan. It's a buildable one so you won't just recieve a deep sunkissed look over night. One application and you do get quite a bit of colour pay off. However for best results I'd recommend using it more than once. It's incredibly moisturising as well which I love. I also love the smell. Sometimes with products like this they can leave an overwhelming smell on your body. Which isn't ideal. I've tried the Johnson's gradual tan before and for me it did nothing and went streaky. I find with this product work quite fast with it and rub it in with your palms. This will stop it going streaky. Personally I've not had a problem with it going streaky at all. In my opinion it is a must have if like me you don't brown easily but want to look brown for summer!! I've been using this like crazy this past week ready for my birthday weekend! I would highly recommend this! It also comes in a light sun kissed so you've got two colour choices. I prefer the deep sun kissed look but that may not be for you. The smaller bottle retails at £5.09 for 250ml and £7.15 for 400ml. Currently though they are on offer at Superdrug. I picked a big bottle up yesterday for better than half price! If you're looking for something to give you a natural look and aren't confident enough to try an actual fake tan then this might be the perfect solution for you!
Let me know if you've tried this or anything similar!

what's in my bag?!

hiyaa beauties,
bit of a late post for me aha. So last week my boyfriend had the week off so that's why there was no blog posts or videos as I was spending time with him. I was also busy looking after my niece and had lots going on. This week has also been quite hectic especially as my birthday is on Sunday! Eek :D Tonight I uploaded the 'what's in my bag tag' reason being I've been wanting to do this tag for a while and finally got round to filming it. This post can kind of be counted as a catch up which I like doing because it lets you all know what I've been up to. Keeping it short and sweet, and shall have a couple of reviews on their way to you this week.

To watch my lastest video click here!


Monday, 20 May 2013

may glossybox.

Good Morning Beauties!
I miserably failed to upload my Glossybox video yesterday for two reasons.. one, I had a three hour nap and then second I spent the evening round my boyfriends. However the video I shall link at the end of this post as I'm currently uploading it right now :D
This months Glossybox I'm actually quite impressed with, three out of the five products are full size. Also theres six products in this one if you include glossybox's own little pressie. The month of May sees glossybox celebrating it's second birthday! The box itself is the same old packaging however inside is nice and bright and colourful.
how nice does that packaging look I mean seriously?! Little things do please me emensely.
  and then there's orange confetti?! WUT, my mind is blown! ahh <3
 As stupid as this might sound I had great difficulty working out what these were to begin with. Bare in mind it was past midnight when I opened this months box so I was tired too aha! Once I finally realised that they were little nail files I was amazed aha. I think these are so cute and also super handy for travelling. Perfect for if you're going away anytime soon. Anyway this is the extra item that has been added into this months box!
R&G Fleur de Figuier Sachets
Now the thing that caught my eye about this was perfume for one, I've got into perfume like no other at the moment. The perfume you get a teeny tiny little sample holding 1.5ml. I don't know why but little samples of perfume really please me! Next up you've got two 10ml samples of a body lotion and shower cream. First of this is already a winner in my eyes. I'm always looking to try new shower gels and body lotions. These are apparantly supposed to smell amazing I've personally not used them yet so can't comment on the scent. I shall let you know what I think.
Full sizes:
perfume is £32 for 100ml.
body lotion is £13 for 200ml.
shower cream is £9 for 200ml.
Prime & Create Mixing Medium
This would be another product I looked at and at first was like what the hell do I do with this. It wasn't until I read the info sheet that came with it I actually understood what it does. Basically any powder products you have like foundation, blush, eyeshadow you can mix with this product and it would turn them into a cream product. This allows you to work with the products slightly easier. The main thing I'm most excited about it is using eyeshadows as eyeliners. That's extremely helpful and I am excited to have a play about with that. There's a whole ray of things you can use this product for so you're not limited by your options.
Full size:
£20 for 20g
Headline Colors Poolside Party Nail Polish
I am so glad I was not sent another pink nail polish. The past two I've been sent are pinks and as much as I love pink I wanted something a bit different. This is a purple shade with undertones of silver and grey. After a closer look it has silver duochrome as well which excites me. Sparkly things are a winner with me at the moment! I cannot wait to try this out! This is in the shade 'Spotlight'. This is the full size product.
Full size:
£9 for 10ml.
Shine Spray
This is a Paul Mitchell product which one I've personally not heard of nor used. I don't tend to use shine sprays anyway but hair products always go down a treat in my eyes. I can't wait to try this out to be honest. This spray is aimed at all hair types and is supposed to leave hair feeling soft, silky and hydrated. Again this is the full size.
Full size:
£18.95 for 125ml.
Fairy Lashes Mascara
I LOVE trying out new mascara's that is an absolute given. I think if I see a new mascara advertised  I go a little nuts and convince myself I need it even though I already have enough. This was no exception, that packaging it came in itself is beautiful. Slightly let down on the mascara tube however as it's just plain purple. It kind of reminds me of a maybelline mascara with the packaging. The wand is my only issue it looks like the great lash wand which to be honest I don't really get on with. I am keen to give this a go however not too sure how it is going to work on my lashes!
Again this is the full size of the product haven't Glossybox been kind this month? :)
Full size:
If you recieved this months Glossybox, do let me know if you recieved any of the same products and your thoughts too!

As promised here is the video that went up on my channel, for more videos please subscribe :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

advanced planning?!

hiya beauties,
so my birthday is pretty much in two weeks and to say I'm excited is a slight understatement. However I think I've noticed how much of a planning freak I am haha! My birthday shall be consisting of two nights out partying and then a meal with close family for my 21st. I've found myself sitting here worrying about eye make up and hair styles.. Am I the only one who does this or do any of you have to plan in advance? I feel like I did this with new years to make it easier and it kinda worked...
Normally I find when I'm doing a set make up look, I practice it and it turns out fine.. I go to do it and then mess it up and then sets in the panic! Last year for my birthday hair styles wasn't really a problem as I had short hair and not a lot could be done to it. This year that's not the case, infact I've really got into curling my hair at the moment so I'm thinking I may curl it or something. I really don't know aha. I will no doubt be worrying and stressing for the next two weeks.
Tomorrow I shall also be uploading May's Glossybox, followed by a post for that on Monday. Finally back into editing and uploading videos regulary after a bit of a youtube and blogging break. I've even pre-filmed my May faves simply because I would upload it on the sunday that so happens to be my birthday! So I decided to be organised and shall edit it this week so that can go hope before my birthday ;)
I wanted to share my latest obsession as well. Boyce Avenue did a live stream on Tuesday to announce their tour dates, or part 1 anyway. They performed a new original song for the first time called 'your biggest fan'. Oh my gosh. I've fallen in love with the song. I've had it on repeat since Tuesday evening. It's absolutely brilliant! I am also now counting down the days till I see Boyce Avenue live in London with my man and my best friend. They are doing smaller more intimate shows this year which I think is a great idea!
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Face of the day shall be heading your way Monday too, as I was going back through some older blog posts and cannot believe how long it's been since I last did one! Next week will also see the return of NOTD (Nail of the day) and OOTD (outfit of the day). I started them and then stopped aha. Oopsie! Anyways enough rambles for now and I shall talk to y'all Monday!
 this little beauty was an accidental photo from their live stream. I didn't intend to actually take this but I'm now a little obsessed with it haha! Do love my boys!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

the falsies.

Hiaa beauties,
I feel like I'm back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging! I have missed it, but it was also nice to take a little break. Everyone needs a little break every now and then! About a month ago now I re-discovered a mascara I used to use all the time without fail. I was searching around in my make-up drawer going through mascaras when I came across my Maybelline the falsies. Words cannot even explain how much I love this mascara. I've tried many different mascaras, and I am a HUGE fan of Maybelline mascaras in general. In my opinion though this is the best one for my lashes, it works wonders!
 The mascara wand itself is a spoon wand which I love. It's super helpful for making sure you get every lash! This mascara not only gives me amazing length but also amazing volume too. I personally do like the slightly clumpy look. I know that's not a look everyone likes. I feel it's kind of like marmite you either love it or hate it. The formula I've been using at the moment if waterproof. When they say waterproof they really do mean it. It's not super difficult to get off either. I've found with some waterproof formulas they can be a right mission to get off without pulling and tugging at your eyes. I wore this out last year on my birthday, walked home in the rain, in the morning it was still exactly how it was before I went out that night! That is one way to test if a mascara is waterproof haha! This mascara really is my holy grail. I also love that it is super black. I like a super black mascara thats just my preference! This retails at £7.99 a tube. You can pretty much get this at any drugstore/pharamacy too.
Have any of you tried this mascara, if so what are your thoughts?!
Do you have a holy grail mascara?
Let me know! :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

silver lining.

hiya beauties.
you'll always find in life no matter how happy you are you will stumble across someone who will try to destroy every little inch of happiness. Why?! some people just can't bare to see other's happy I guess. It actually really frustrates me as well, especially if its related to my friends. I hate seeing my friends down.
taken from
I really do like this quote. As mentioned in my first post 'heres to 2013' I believe it's called I was aiming to find the positives in a bad situation. Every bad situation there's a silver lining. That's what I believe anyway. It's important to just hold on and keep your head held high when times are rough. I know how difficult that can be. There's been a situation stressing me out something rotten at the moment. That's partly why there's been a lack of blog posts. Even when I have had the time to sit down and blog, I'd be staring at a blank screen for hours. That's not normally like me. It's crazy to think after 8 months of not being with someone they still want to make your life hell because they've nothing better to do. Relationships end for a number of reasons.. some good, some bad. However when they do end that's it, finished. For whatever that reason is, it's finished, done with. To be honest even though this situation is still majorly stressing me out it's a life lesson. Things like this make you stronger, and they also make you learn too. Silver lining eh?! Sometimes you meet new people through a bad situation, something to consider.



nails inc bruton st.

hello beauties.
so in my first Glossybox post I mentioned that I recieved a tiny sample of Nails Inc Bruton St. This colour is a nude with lilac undertones I'd say. I can't say I'm a massive fan of the colour I think I was expecting more to be honest.

with flash.
without flash.
Now I do quite like the colour I can't help but think it's more of a 'work' colour. The reason being it's neutral. Some people are more into nude colours however I'm more into bright colours. Each to their own opinion. With Glossybox I'm learning to find that you cannot please everyone it would be lovely if that was the case. I do like this shade however I was just expecting maybe a bit more 'oomph'. This only lasted two days on the nails before it chipped even with a top coat. For people who like to change their nail polish this wouldn't be an issue, however for those who don't it might not be for them. I don't know if it was just this one or whether or Nails Inc nail polishes are like this. I don't think I'd purchase a full size however.
Do you own any nails inc nail polishes?
Let me know!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

quick hello.

hia beauties.
the past week and a half has been a little crazy. I haven't been at home either so that's why there's been no posts from me! I do apologise again aha! I realise the last post was me apologising oopsie! I feel strange posting actually which is not good! there was also no video from sunday, I shall probably be uploading one today or tomorrow! So where have I been? My boyfriend had near enough a week off work so I spent it with him.
While I was away May's Glossybox came, so expect to see that post on here within the next day or so!
I really do hope everyone is keeping well. Friday I came back home for a few hours to make cakes with my niece Stacey! It was actually really nice, I more supervised and the floor pretty much wore most of the cake mix with Jase!
I really do adore this picture :')
 I adore this picture too :')

Sunday, 5 May 2013

everything happens for a reason.

hiya beauties.
I live by everything happens for a reason. I honestly believe that it does and so far I've not been proved wrong. When bad things happen I now try and find a slightly more positive side. It's honestly crazy how one person can change how you view things. It can take literally the space of twenty seconds for everything to change. Taking risks I've found can really be worth it. They can lead you to happiness that you didn't think was even possible. Lead you to love that you didn't think you'd ever quite experience.
Little moments are really the best and most important. I don't know if any of you feel like you have a soulmate out there, or perhaps you've found yours. As I tried to explain in my 'get to know me tag' I do haha. I've found mine. You know when you just feel like it's meant to be. It's natural. It's right. It makes you wonder how you got by without that person by your side for so long. It really is amazing how one person can change your life in an instant.
 me and my lovely boyfriend Jase.
It really is quite something when you find your best friend, boyfriend and soulmate all in one. You're extremely lucky if you get all three with the same person. The most unexpected relationships are normally the ones that last. This was beyond unexpected. Quite literally, we've known each other nearly two years now and to be honest it feels like a life time. The one person I truly share everything with, trust like no other and would die for. I'm excited for the rest of this year, because my year has turned around. I'm now such a happy person, I'm smiling all the time because I have a reason to be happy. Knowing someone would go out of their way to make sure you're okay is the best feeling in the world. We've already got so many memories that I look back on and just giggle. We are so alike it's crazy. It's crazy how we can talk and talk about random things all night long and just not get bored. That is how I know it's just meant to be. I look forward to a lovely future with my man.
As you can tell bit of a soppy post, but I thought I'd introduce you all to the man that's made me a very happy girlie!
anyone special in your life?
let me know.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

april glossybox.

hiya beauties.
Good morning/good evening wherever you are in the world. It's currently 1:46am and I am writing a blog post. It's been a bit of a hectic night. My mind is pre-occupied so I thought I'd take the time to do the beauty post that I promised today. I realise it's now May, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and do this long awaited post! Hopefully May's Glossybox will be more organised.. well hopefully ;)
So first thing first, April's Glossybox has a lovely floral design. It is a Pearl Lowe design and is fantastic. I really love it. I'm not normally one for floral, however this season I've been all over it!
dry skin fix body butter in pistachio, mango or coconut latte.
As you can see from the image, I recieved the mango body butter. I am thrilled with this as I love mango scents. It's not as strong as others I've smelt before however I do still like it! I am excited to give this a whirl. I love body butters and this is perfect after the cold cold weather we've had for months here in the uk! I get quite dry skin in the winter so this is going to be fab. You recieve a 4th of the product which is 50ml. Full size is 200ml and that retails at £10.
To check out more products go here:
daily face spf
The idea of this product if you haven't already figured it out is to protect your face from the sun. Now personally I am guilty of not always putting suncream on my face. I feel it's a chore however I am going to get better at that this summer I promise! It helps to use products with a built in spf already. Most BB creams have them as well as some foundations too! This cream is 50+ SPF. It is supposed to be a light, soft cream, tinted for a sheer matte finish. It is an oil free formula so is suitable for all skin types. I shall defintely let you know how I get on with this when we have some more of the nicer weather! The size of the tube you recieve is 10g. Full size is 75g and retails for £18.50.
For more click here:

so elixir purple yves rocher eau de parfum
I'm not personally not someone who has heaps of different perfumes. I'm not really someone who brances out either. I know what I like and that's what I stick too. You could almost say I like to play it safe. Well when I saw there was a perfume this month I got excited. Samples are amazing when it comes to perfumes as it allows you to try before you buy! This fragrance is described as 'intoxicating and magnetic' with a unique infusion of tuberose, vetiver and patchouli. It has a floral-woody scent which I do quite like. It is perfect for spring. I'm not too sure I'd buy the full size to be honest as I am more into the sweeter scents. Full size is 50ml which retails at £44.
For more go here:
nail lacquer
Nail polish in general excites me so I was over the moon when I opened this months box to find an Essie nail polish. What was even better is the fact I do not own any other Essie nail polishes. Why?! I just haven't got my hands on any as of yet. However I think this will spur me on to get more. I'm sure I shall have good things from this nail polish as Essie nail polishes are well loved. The shade I recieved was Flawless which is a really nice baby/barbie pink. It's midway in my opinion not as pastel as baby pink but not as bright as barbie pink. I do quite like my pinks so I can't complain at that ;) This is full size too at 13.5ml, retailing at £6.99.
or find your nearist essie store at
blush in flamingo, pixie pink, suede or flushed
So the last product as you can see is a Sleek blush. I've heard nothing but good things about the brand itself. The blushes I hear are also highly pigmented. I was super excited again with this as I've not tried any Sleek products. However the only thing that's slightly let me down is the colour. Typically this isn't something I'd sway towards and would have much more preferred to have a brighter pink. That's just my feelings towards it, however I plan on making this colour work! This again is full size at 8g and retails at £4.49.
For more go here:
I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you're all well, have a lovely weekend and I shall chat to you soon!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

youtube catch up.

hiya beauties.
Once again I feel like I should be placed on the naughty step. I haven't blogged since last Friday which is pretty much a week! I really am slipping haha! I've been mega busy lately. I've only just got back into my editing schedule, so things should start to fall back into place with my blog too. In all honesty I've missed blogging. To ease back into this I am going to post a video on here which I uploaded to my beauty channel yesterday. Reason being I don't know how many of you actually watch my channel so this is another way for you all to see that! Tomorrow I am going to have an in depth glossybox post for April. I am so sorry it's kinda late oopsie! Bad me again! For tonight though I am going to leave you with my April Glossybox video! I really hope you enjoy, I hope you're all doing well and I shall speak to you soon!