Wednesday, 3 April 2013

REVIEW: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation!

Good afternoon you beautiful people..
Slight different intro than normal, however I'm in a chipper mood.
I have an obscene amount of reviews I need to do.. I feel I tap tap tap away..
and that my list should be getting shorter, however it is not.
Quite the opposite, getting longer in fact.
Good in a sense as I love reading peoples thoughts about products,
Bad because that's a lot of writing to do aha!
Enough faffing, let's get down to the nitty gritty and see which product is to be review today.
None other than the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation.
This is a foundation that I have absolutely adored. It is well loved. I purchased this foundation on a bit of a whim. Wasn't too sure if I'd like it or not but thought I'd bite the bullet and just try it. If I didn't like it it wasn't too much of a problem as was cheap! £6.99 is what this baby cost me. I purchased this back in the summer last year I believe July time. To be honest last summer wasn't extremley hot. When it was exceptionally hot though this foundation was a life saver. Packaging wise this is really nice. It's in a glass bottle which I love. It makes it seem a lot more pricey than it actually is. It also has a pump which I cannot express my love for enough. I find this so much easier as it allows you to control how much you pump out (if that makes sense) without wasting any because you've got too much. Also where the bottle is glass you can see how much you've used. The only thing that is a pain is when you're down to the bottom you have to scrape it out! Other than that I give the packaging a big thumbs up!!
This foundation claims a lot of things actually so lets just get down to it. First of it claims to be 'transfer proof'. Bare in mind I used this in the hotter months, I honestly experience no transfer. With a lot of foundations this tends to happen especially when you hug someone and then you're like oh crap! Simply because foundation has rubbed off on their clothing!! It's not a good situation at all! With this foundation or at least in my case that did not happen. It stays put and doesn't budge! This brings me to my next point of the long lasting claim. This little baby stays on all day. You do not need to worry it's going no where. I find especially in the hotter months certain foundations by about 3-4 hrs in the heat it's melting down my face. That is not an attractive look to be sporting especially if you're out for the day! Let me just tell you.. you do not get this with this foundation. I personally do not wear a foundation for 25 hrs, but by about 6-7pm in the evening when I've had a full day my face still looks 'done'. I would totally recommend this foundation for nights out for it's wearability.
Moving on.. this lovely little baby claims to give a smooth lightweight feel to the skin. The foundation once applied to your skin does not look 'cakey' or heavy, like you've got a full ton of product on your face. It feel's really light which I personally love. It's also not sticky either. I am not a fan of foundations that leave your skin feeling sticky. Coverage wise, this has a medium coverage but is buildable. You can build this up to full coverage if that's more your thing. Personally I'll have days wear one layer is enough, however if my skin is bad then obviously I'm going to need a slightly heavier coverage.
Now often with foundations on the heavier coverage I've found them a little drying on the skin. Now this claims to also leave your skin feeling hydrated all day long. It's not drying on my skin so I do love it. I would recommend this foundation for oily/combination skin. To be honest this foundation could be used for all skin types. Dry skin I'd say you could probably get away using this with a decent primer and moisturiser underneath. The colour range for this foundation is good too. I'm in the shade Ivory however for those hotter months I'm in Classic Beige. Also when applying to the skin I would work rather quickly so it blends in nicely. Doing so will leave you with a flawless finish.
You can find this foundation from Boots, Superdrug and even supermarkets such as ASDA and Morrisons. I shall direct you over to Boots and Superdrug below;
I hope you enjoyed this lovely little review and I shall talk to you beauties soon!

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