Thursday, 4 April 2013

REVIEW: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Hiaa Loveliess!!
Ooo I have another shiny review for you today.
This time it's a concealer which I feel like I need to praise.
It has been talked about by everyone and their mother around the blogging and youtube world.
I only hopped on the bandwagon the beggining of this year though, but here it is enjoy!
in the shade 'FAIR - 1'

last two images in the shade 'light - 2'

This concealer if you haven't heard of it before well where the hell have you been?! Like I said in the intro this product has been raved about by everyone and their mother. Probably their mother's mother too. There has been so much hype around this product since it hit the shelves. I believe it's worth the hype as I too have been sucked in by it's amazingness!! This is a product that I don't know why I didnt pick it up much sooner. I only got this in January!! It's cheap as chips! £4.19 to be exact. Perfect for anyone on a budget.

It comes in four different shades, I own two the lightest one fair and the second to lightest light. They also do a medium and dark. I absolutely adore this concealer. It is amazing value for money. It really does cover everything. I couldn't ask for a better concealer. It's super long lasting as well. I apply this in the morning and it stays put all day! It also blends into the skin really nicely as well. The one thing I will say about this product is that the writing on the packagaing as you can see in the image above will rub off. However that's not really something I mind seeing as the product is so cheap! I think this is one of the products that really is a little gem when it comes to drugstore products. If you haven't checked this out then I totally recommend it! You can even use this product for under eye circles, and redness it covers everything!!



  1. I love love! My collection concealer, staple of my makeup bag xx

  2. Keep meaning to try this! xx

  3. I really do recommend it haha! That was like me, heard everyone rave about it. It's worth the hype it's been given! xoxo


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