Saturday, 13 April 2013

miss sporty fatal black.

Hiya beauties.
Second time at this ridiculous hour in the morning but I'm on a roll so I'm going to carry on!
Okay so it's no secret to any of you that I rave about Miss Sporty nail polishes. They've been featured in a monthly favourites and also a couple nail of the days. What I love about them you ask?! well the bottle isn't some huge thing. The size is 7ml which to be honest I think it reasonable for the small price tag of £1.99. I never use up all of a nail polish anyway. I could possibly see this happening with a couple of colours by Miss Sporty. Reason being they have an amazing colour range. This colour here is 'fatal black'. I've been looking for a decent black for a while. I realised I didn't have one in my collection for some reason and I couldn't have that. I love the formula of these nail polishes. You do need two coats in order to achieve the colour on the bottle. I normally apply two anyway somtimes three it depends really. I use a base and a top coat with these too. Some colours will stain your nails so best to avoid that. They are also quite long lasting I find. I've been able to keep a colour on for a week before without any major chipping and the colour still looks fab! Looking for an affordable nail polish?! this is your baby. These are avaliable at good old trusty Boots and Superdrug!

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