Wednesday, 10 April 2013

l'oreal super liner ultra precision.

Hia lovelies.
I purchased this eyeliner back in February when I went to Bluewater with my niece Keira. I believe it was just under £7 which isn't too shabby. Liquid eyeliners for me used to be a no go because no matter how hard I tried without fail I always managed to smudge it. Basically no matter what I did it would go terribly, terribly wrong. Well no more, this applicator makes it super easy to apply eyeliner. If you're new to liquid eyeliner I'd personally pick one with an applicator like this. Reason being it's super easy to do a thin or thick line and then create the classic winged liner look. I normally sport this look on a day to day basis. I do like my eyeliner quite thick. However everyone has those days where you get one eye perfect but the other one is not. I've learnt just leave it, otherwise you end up with a big black mess on your eyelids. Not a great look I tell you!
I picked this particular eyeliner up simply because they didn't have the normal one I use. The one I normally use is in a black tube and in the shade 'black vinyl'. I do like this liner, however for my liking it's just not black enough for me. I like a real dark black. That's how fussy I am with liners. This is perfect if you're going for a more toned down natural look though. I don't dislike this liner, I just am more of a fan of a jet black liner. This is long lasting though. I can wear this all day and by the evening it still looks fine. It's also super easy to take off which I like. There's nothing worse than using a liner that is a pain in the butt to take off. You end up pulling at your eyes which is bad! L'oreal really do have some great liners so I do recommend that you take a look and see if you can find one that suits you!
Let me know what your favourite liners are!

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