Tuesday, 23 April 2013


hiyaa beauties!
I apologise for no post yesterday. I was busy filming with the bestie! We filmed the best friend tag aha.. what a fun experience that was :) This week I am going to have a post up all about the bestie simply because I love her that much. She's one of the two very important people in my life and I honestly cannot express how much she means to me. It had been four and a half months since we last saw each other! That's crazy! We've never got that long before not seeing each other. To be honest it felt like we just picked up from where we last left off!

I think this picture pretty much sums us up! This was taken yesterday shortly after filming the best friend tag!

I am so happy with everything at the moment. I'm in such a good place. I'm finally out of my rut that I'd been stuck in for a couple of months. I'm now just enjoying life and spending it with the ones that matter. Today was lovely, spent the afternoon playing golf with Fia. She decides tackling is golf. She looked more like she was playing hockey haha! I also collected Keira from school which is always lovely. For some reason the fact their auntie is picking them up from school is always a lovely surprise haha! Spent an hr playing on the field as ya do! I plan to go and carry on with my Nicholas Sparks marathon! I hope everyone is doing well!
Fingers crossed for a beauty post tomorrow ;)


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