Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Baking Days.

Good Evening you beauties!
So everyone loves a good baking day yes?
I think what's even better is having a baking day with my nieces.
I'm lucky enough to have four nieces and I adore them to pieces!
I've currently get Bethy staying for her birthday which is on Thursday.
Today we're going to Bluewater to do some shopping and also get her a Build-A-Bear.
Of course she doesn't know about it, which makes it even better!
I wonder if it will take her as long to cotton onto it as it did with Keira aha!
The last baking day I had was with Sofia minus yesterday haha! Pictures for that will be coming soon in a seperate post! Me and sofia made gingerbread! She really does love baking. I love days like these with my nieces. It's bonding time.

 This little monkey brightens up my day. It doesn't matter how rubbish my day is, she always manages to put a smile on my face! Any of you having any little nieces or nephews? If so you'll know what I mean when they just bring joy into your life!
Have a lovely day!!

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