Friday, 26 April 2013


hiya beauties!
The name of this post might throw you off a little. I promise it is beauty related though ;) Can you believe it it's been 9 days since my last beauty related post. What is going on with that?! I think I just got caught up in lifestyle posts as up until then I'd been doing beauty posts religously.
Okay so back in the day me and the bestie both actually used to be totally obsessed with vice. I don't know why because now I'm not a fan. Excite however is sexual ;) No other way of phrasing that. It's heaven in a can. It smells that good haha. I never normally rave about a body spray. I am aware that this is for men too haha. However, like that bothers me. I hadn't used this for a couple of years. That all changed a couple of months bag. I got reminded by Jase, how much I actually love this scent. Since then I've been obsessed with it. Absolutely obsessed. To add to the weirdness of this post, I love spraying my hoodies with it :-) I know I'm not the only one who likes using Lynx!
Anyone else have a scent they love? Let me know!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

get to know me tag.

hiya beauties.
I thought I'd post this video onto my blog incase you haven't seen it. I feel this tag allows you to get to know me a little bit better :) I actually had a blast filming this, and bloopies and extras shall be up soon! I am quite aware that I have been slacking in the blogging department this week. There's not been my normal beauty posts, which I thought I was getting into a nice routine with haha! It's not taken the back seat I promise. Let's just say someone special is in my life and I've been spending a lot of time with that someone. I'm really happy, I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this happy! If anyone out there is contemplating taking a risk, do it. You never know how brilliant and truly amazing it could turn out.
I hope everyone is doing okay, have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


hiyaa beauties!
I apologise for no post yesterday. I was busy filming with the bestie! We filmed the best friend tag aha.. what a fun experience that was :) This week I am going to have a post up all about the bestie simply because I love her that much. She's one of the two very important people in my life and I honestly cannot express how much she means to me. It had been four and a half months since we last saw each other! That's crazy! We've never got that long before not seeing each other. To be honest it felt like we just picked up from where we last left off!

I think this picture pretty much sums us up! This was taken yesterday shortly after filming the best friend tag!

I am so happy with everything at the moment. I'm in such a good place. I'm finally out of my rut that I'd been stuck in for a couple of months. I'm now just enjoying life and spending it with the ones that matter. Today was lovely, spent the afternoon playing golf with Fia. She decides tackling is golf. She looked more like she was playing hockey haha! I also collected Keira from school which is always lovely. For some reason the fact their auntie is picking them up from school is always a lovely surprise haha! Spent an hr playing on the field as ya do! I plan to go and carry on with my Nicholas Sparks marathon! I hope everyone is doing well!
Fingers crossed for a beauty post tomorrow ;)


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Friday, 19 April 2013

update & house of night.

Hiya Beauties,
I was going to pop up a review today but to be honest I'm feeling quite under the weather. I wanted to put up something though. So finally I've gone through my back log of videos and all ones that have been edited have gone up. This means you had a new video from wednesday, yesterday and today. You're probably thinking why so many pre-recorded?! If I know I've got a busy week or couple of weeks then I pre-record some to make it easier. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I've got so many plans for upcoming videos.
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Today's video...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

little ramblings.

Hiya beauties!
I realise I do have a 'hanns ramblings' series that I do on this blog and haven't done one in a while that will be coming back soon I promise! There's been a lot of make up posts from me in the past week or so, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to sit down and talk to y'all properly. First of my blog the past few weeks has undergone a bit of a makeover. Whilst it's simple I really like how I've got it now. When it comes to blogging it's something that I've found a love for. I've found my feet and as much as I love writing about all things beauty as you've seen on here I have a few lifestyle and deep posts every now and then!
This month so far has been so hectic I actually cannot believe it. It's been an interesting month, had a couple of interviews fingers crossed I find a nursery nurse job soon. It's a right pain in the butt trying to get a full time job. The  month started off with taking Beth to Bluewater for her birthday. This was two days before her birthday so was on the 2nd. I thought Keiras reaction to build-a-bear was quite something. This was a whole other story. Beth had a lovely day shopping with me, I went into boots they had a 3 for 2 offer on. Oh my goodness that was bad for me. There shall be a haul video coming up within the next week for that!
Me and Bethy on the bus! I really do love this picture.
Beth has honestly got so grown up she is 7 now and I honestly think where the hell has the time gone. She is so different to Keira. Keira is more girly girl. It was so nice actually getting to spend a couple of days with Bethy. I love being an auntie so much. To be honest the love I have for all my nieces is unbelievable. I love taking pictures with them. It's so nice to keep them as memories. Family is so important to me. I have quite a few pictures of my nieces scattered around my bedroom and I want to add to that!
 Beth with her build-a-bear Lola! Looking so happy bless her!!
It got to the end of our shopping trip and we were walking to build-a-bear not that Beth knew this. I asked her if she'd been good and she was said no haha. Bless her! She said to me she can't have her birthday present because it was two days until her birthday! She was getting all worried about it haha! When we got there and I said we were going into build-a-bear her face lit up. It was even better than Keira's reaction, Beth was bouncing off the walls. She had so much fun choosing her bunny! I really like it too haha! Then she got to pick a sound. She's 1D mad so had 'what makes you beautiful' put in it! She's also Hello Kitty mad too as well. The lady gave Beth a number of bows as well!
Bethy and Me in the Winter Gardens at Bluewater. We stopped to have some ice cream before we went home ;)
 I think in a lot of my lifestyle ramble posts my nieces have been mentioned a lot but they are honestly my world. I love sharing days out with them because it's such lovely memories. I feel the need to share the special people in my life on my blog simply because they do literally mean the world to me. I might do some other posts in the future of special ones in my life because I do literally adore them. It's rare to find people you can share everything with. When you find it hold on to it!
So apart from Bluewater what else have I been up to?! well it's been the easter holidays so I also had Keira to stay for a couple of nights and a baking session with her. More on that soon! Got piccys to share about that! Spot of shopping here and there with upcomming hauls. Mainly this month though I've been work into doing a lot of make up posts and things for y'all. I have so many upcomming so I've wanted to try and get a few of those up. Same with my videos I've had a massive backlog, which I'm finally clearing. That's why I've been uploading Sundays, Wednesdays and I also uploaded today. This is the thing about pre-recording, you kinda forget what you've got haha!
This month I've also learnt a lot about close friends. As the saying goes, you find out who you're true friends are when you need them the most. This is so true on so many levels. I cannot even begin to explain. Everyone goes through a rough patch at times and finding someone that's going to be there and pick you back up, dust you off and put you back on your feet again is rare. I've found that. Once you find that person or more important people if you're lucky enough, hold onto them! A lot of people I find feel alone because they don't have someone like that or think they don't. Sometimes that person is right under your nose, well not literally ;) You'll find once you have someone special in your life, things are easier to deal with. You'll also be happier as you'll have that support that you need.
Expect more beauty related posts on here. Also expect a view tag videos going up on my youtube channel, as well as some hauls and another Glossybox video :)
I hope you've had a lovely day beautifuls and I shall talk to you soon!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

rimmel match perfection foundation.

Hiya Beauties,
Okay so first of let me just say I rave about Rimmel products. As of lately they're really on the ball and have just released the kate moss nail polishes which I cannot wait to get my hands on! Putting that aside though, I have always got on with their foundations. This is until now.
 I picked this foundation up at the beginning of the month and really did have high hopes for it. I've seen good reviews and it hyped up on Youtube. For me though this really didn't work. For one of two reasons. One my skin was playing up slightly so where I had been ill I had dry patches. If you have dry skin stay away from this foundation. It clings to any dry patch on your face and emphasises it even more. Anyone with dry skin will know what I'm saying here when I say you don't want that at all! Secondly, this foundation broke me out like something rotton! I've never known a foundation to do this to my skin. I am going to look into the ingrediants. I was on my 3rd or 4th day of using it and was at work. I noticed red patches and spots all over my face. Bare in mind this was the only new product I'd used. My skin really didn't appreciate this foundation so brought me out with a MASSIVE allergic reaction! It's clearing up thank god, but still a bit of a nightmare! I looked up online to see any negative reviews and a couple of other people have had this problem. Not too sure why but I'm going to look further into it. As you know I've tried over Rimmel foundations and none have broken me out like this one.
Putting all that aside I really am disappointed because when I first started using it I loved it! Perfect match for my skin. I have it in the shade 'ivory'. They do a slightly lighter one as well which is great if you have pale skin. You can see I'm impressed with the colour range. The packaging is exactly the same as the Lasting Finish one minus the lid colour. As you can see this one is blue. It also has the pump which I love it means you don't waste any product! Glass packaging too, which I love it makes the foundation look more of a higher end one if that makes sense! The price of this foundation is £6.99 which to be honest is totally affordable.
Now this foundation claims to have traceless coverage with advanced smart-tone technology. Basically no matter where you are and in what lighting your colour never changes. As with some foundations in certain lighting it can appear darker or lighter. I find my skin looks even all day and it stays the colour it is when I put it on. Overall I wish my skin didn't have an allergic reaction to it because it applies nicely and lasts all day! I'm interested to know if any of you have tried this foundation and like it? Minus the bad points I've said it gets a tick everywhere else from me! There are other products in this line so I'm interested if anyone has tried any of them too!
You can purchase this from everywhere and anywhere that sells Rimmel Products! Boots and Superdrug I'd say are your best bets so I shall leave the links for you below!
 Let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

creamy candy bubble bar.

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Hiya Beauties!
Now I know everyone and their mother raves about LUSH products. Personally I never really saw the attraction, until December last year. My mum got me so many christmas goodies! Since then I've been hooked. I see the hype and have jumped on the bandwagon. The only disappointing thing is there isn't one local enough for me :( So whenever I do go into lush I stock up!
My mumma picked this one in a little christmas goodie box she put together for me. As the title of this blog post states it is creamy candy. This retails at £2.50. Now oh my god if I had an endless supply of this bubble bar I think I'd be in heaven. It makes the water smell so good. Honestly it smells so good you want to eat it! I get about 4 baths out of this to be honest. What I love about the bubble bars is you don't have to use a lot of the bar to get a decent amount of bubbles. If I was to use the whole bar I think that would be too many bubbles for sure haha! I know some people do, but I personally don't. I picked another one of these beauties up a couple of weeks ago because it is my favourite one! I'm absolutely obsessed with this scent. They also leave my skin feeling super soft too, and smelling of candy! I personally like that I know some people aren't too keen on super sweet scents. If you haven't checked this one out give it a go!
Let me know if any of you love LUSH products!

Monday, 15 April 2013

how to: vampy lip.

Hiya beauties.
I mentioned in my 'depth post' about a dark vampy lip and how to make darker purples more wearable. Especially those darker colours that look almost black. Well if you've read that post you'll know I came across a way to do this so thought I'd do a detailed post about it. If you guys haven't checked that post out then check it out here:
as I mentioned in that post credit goes to Annabelle Rose. Her links are in the blog post!
I used four products to achieve this..
red lipliner
red lipstick
purple lipstick
concealer to touch up
Bare in mind you don't have to use the red lippy you could just use the liner, or just use the lippy. It's totally up to you whatever floats your boat :)
Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner - Ravish
Topshop Lipstick - Rio Rio
Topshop Lipstick - Depth
So first of all I applied a red lip liner to my lips. As I say you can either skip this step or skip the following step if you don't want to use both. This will provide a colour that will stay on the lips for a long time. I also love the fact that this is a retractable liner. It means you don't have to faff about sharpening it everytime it becomes blunt. I don't know about you but that puts me of using lip liners haha!
Okay so the next step is to add a red lippy. Dark, bright whatever floats your boat. Bare in mind whatever shade you pick will obviously change the end result slightly. I chose a brighter red so that it brings out the undertones of red in the purple lippy. This way I've found it makes the lippy less harsh and dark. I do love this lippy on it's own actually. Topshop have some amazing lipsticks at a great price too, just £8. I find them quite comparable to MAC, and as they're cheaper too why not!
 Okay so next is the purple lipstick step. I used depth. Now when I first bought this is was pure and simply for the fact I needed it. Then I thought when am I ever going to wear this crazy colour?! Couple of weeks ago I was sitting here thinking I'm going to make it work.. So as I've said I youtubed it. Now I love it. Even though it's more spring now not winter/autumn.. that's kinda not the point haha! If you need to touch up a little which I found I did then go in with a concealer. I'd use a small brush to do this with as well, if you use your finger you won't have as much control and could possibly mess up your lipstick! Doing this just defines the lips a little more as well.
This is the end result. This is I find suits my complexion a lot better rather than 'Depth' on it's own. Some people I feel could absolutely rock this colour but on it's own I don't think I'm one of those people! This reminds me of the colour 'Snow White' which is a dark vampy red. I've been obsessed with this colour. I can now see myself getting a lot of use out of this colour.
Have any of you bought any lipsticks for the sake of it?!
Let me know, I'd love to know!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

life lessons.

Hiya beauties,
so casually sitting there drying my hair as ya do and get inspiration for a post. At the start of this year I made a whole list of things I was going to do and change. Not drastic actions, more along the lines of thinking more positively etc. I find it is so important to try and find the good in a situation. Why?! Simply because life is too short. You can spend days, weeks, months and so on trying to analyse a situation and find a reason for why something happened and still being no closer to knowing why. I believe everything happens for a reason even if that reason cannot be found at the time. Instead of sitting there moping about because something has gone wrong, pick yourself up and carry on. Keep going, and stay strong. You only get one shot at life, so live it to the full. Forget those who don't like it, and forget those who don't approve. Be who you are. If people don't like that then that's their problem. Personally, I wouldn't change for anyone. If people don't like you the way you are then forget them. They are not worth your time. You will come across people like this in life, people who try to get you down, but brush it off and move on. Life is one big lesson, and let me tell you.. you will never stop learning!

miss sporty fatal black.

Hiya beauties.
Second time at this ridiculous hour in the morning but I'm on a roll so I'm going to carry on!
Okay so it's no secret to any of you that I rave about Miss Sporty nail polishes. They've been featured in a monthly favourites and also a couple nail of the days. What I love about them you ask?! well the bottle isn't some huge thing. The size is 7ml which to be honest I think it reasonable for the small price tag of £1.99. I never use up all of a nail polish anyway. I could possibly see this happening with a couple of colours by Miss Sporty. Reason being they have an amazing colour range. This colour here is 'fatal black'. I've been looking for a decent black for a while. I realised I didn't have one in my collection for some reason and I couldn't have that. I love the formula of these nail polishes. You do need two coats in order to achieve the colour on the bottle. I normally apply two anyway somtimes three it depends really. I use a base and a top coat with these too. Some colours will stain your nails so best to avoid that. They are also quite long lasting I find. I've been able to keep a colour on for a week before without any major chipping and the colour still looks fab! Looking for an affordable nail polish?! this is your baby. These are avaliable at good old trusty Boots and Superdrug!

march glossybox.

 Hiya Beauties.
I realise I'm sitting down to type/write this at nearly 1am. That's crazy right?! I apologise for the lack of blog posts the past couple of days. I've had my niece staying so I've been spending some quality time with her. A post to come on that in the near future I'm sure! I was thinking about posting late last night but I was pratically falling asleep and wanted to put up something that was actually going to be readable. I have no idea why but I get inspiration for things at ridiculous times. This is no exception to that. Last week some time I mentioned I'd subscribed to Glossybox. Now this entitled me to the March one. I realise we're in April, but better late than never especially as it's my first one! Sunday's video will be a Glossybox one, so I'm keen to get this post up as I feel it's going to be a lengthy one!  As said previously Glossybox is something I've been looking at for a while. I've seen lots of people with subscriptions so I thought I'd bite the bullet and jump on the band wagon too.
So what was March's one about I hear you ask?! City Chic is the theme. I to be honest was quite impressed with it, considering it was my first one. I will full reviews coming up on each product soon, I just haven't had the time to fully try out each product as of yet! Busy, busy bee!
 L2R: Nails Inc Nail Polish, MONU warming face mask, Jelly Pong Pong lip blush, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Tresemme Hairspray.
Okay so first off I absolutely adore the packaging of glossy boxes. I think they're so cute. I know they do limited designs for certain months/times of the year. Infact April's one is slightly different to normal, however more on that within the next week or so! I love how cute it looks when you open it up as well with the tissue paper. Now I know previously there used to be a little card with the names of the products on. Now it's a fold out A4 size leaflet which has information about the product, where to find them and full size prices. This is extremley helpful! (well I find it is anyway haha!)
Moving onto the product side of things..
 NAILS INC Bruton St.
This comes in the cutest tiniest little bottle of nail polish ever! Sample size products please me so much because I aww at their cuteness. You got 4ml of nail polish, which doesn't bother me. I'm one of those people that owns every possible shade under the sun most likely and will never normally finish a bottle up.. so this is perfect! Now Bruton St. is a nude pink, with slight lilac undertones to it. I love this shade and I am actually quite excited to wear this. Full size is £11 for 10ml.
shop at
 MONU Aromatic Mask
I couldn't have been more excited to recieve a face mask in my first Glossybox. I am desperatly on the lookout for a good face mask. I keep banging on about it because I still haven't found one. I'm excited to give this one a whirl and see how I like it. I've never heard of this brand, but shall let you know how I get on with this. It is a warming facial mask which is supposed to help increase vitamin and mineral absoprtion. This is a 30ml sample size. Full size is £24.95 for 100ml.
shop at

I'm sure many of you have heard of the Clinque chubby sticks or the Relvon balm stains. Well here is another product just like those. A lip stain and moisturiser in one what more could you want in a product?! The colour in the tube looks quite bright, however I can tell you know it does come off quite sheer unless you do work at it to build it up slightly. I believe this is the shade 'raspberry'. You get the full size version of this product. Full size is £12 for 2.5g.
shop at

ELIZABETH ARDEN Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Fragrance Free
Now I know this product gets raved about quite a lot on Youtube and blogging worlds. I've personally not tried this so again I'm excited to give this one a whirl. The aim of this product is to soothe and protect your skin. Pretty much you can use this for just about anything too. You get a 7ml sample size of this product. Full size is £25 for 50ml.
shop at htttp://
There is an offer on Boots at the moment where you spend £25 or more on the eight hour cream range and recieve a free eight hour cream lip protectant stick with SPF 15 worth £20!

TRESEMME Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray
Now if you follow my blog then you will know I've already reviewed one of Tresemme's hairsprays and I absolutely love them. So can you just imagine my face when I see these cute little nifty can in my box?! This is perfect for handbag size. To be honest I have one of the 500ml cans which is so huge you can't really take it anywhere. It's not very practical. Long lasting, humidity resistant, brushes out easily and flexible control. What more could you want?! You don't get that sticky feeling either if you spray quite a bit in your hair. Win win all round I think! Anyway, if you havent checked this out do so! Full size is £4.69 for 500ml.
shop at

I do hope you enjoyed this post, this shall be a monthly feature on my blog now. Only this month expect to also see Aprils as I've only just started my subscription. Glossybox video shall be up Sunday :) Be sure you're subscribed to my channel in order to see that!


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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

l'oreal super liner ultra precision.

Hia lovelies.
I purchased this eyeliner back in February when I went to Bluewater with my niece Keira. I believe it was just under £7 which isn't too shabby. Liquid eyeliners for me used to be a no go because no matter how hard I tried without fail I always managed to smudge it. Basically no matter what I did it would go terribly, terribly wrong. Well no more, this applicator makes it super easy to apply eyeliner. If you're new to liquid eyeliner I'd personally pick one with an applicator like this. Reason being it's super easy to do a thin or thick line and then create the classic winged liner look. I normally sport this look on a day to day basis. I do like my eyeliner quite thick. However everyone has those days where you get one eye perfect but the other one is not. I've learnt just leave it, otherwise you end up with a big black mess on your eyelids. Not a great look I tell you!
I picked this particular eyeliner up simply because they didn't have the normal one I use. The one I normally use is in a black tube and in the shade 'black vinyl'. I do like this liner, however for my liking it's just not black enough for me. I like a real dark black. That's how fussy I am with liners. This is perfect if you're going for a more toned down natural look though. I don't dislike this liner, I just am more of a fan of a jet black liner. This is long lasting though. I can wear this all day and by the evening it still looks fine. It's also super easy to take off which I like. There's nothing worse than using a liner that is a pain in the butt to take off. You end up pulling at your eyes which is bad! L'oreal really do have some great liners so I do recommend that you take a look and see if you can find one that suits you!
Let me know what your favourite liners are!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

FOTD #8.

Hia Loveliess!!
It's face of the day time! Normally I do these on a Monday but I thought why not. The weather is horrible outside it's really gloomy. So I thought I'd show you my make up today. I'm keeping it simple with winged eyeliner, a pop of colour on the lips and that's it. Nothing too fancy. I've been toning my make up down lately. For some reason I haven't been really using any eyeliner until today. There's a couple of new products in today's post, which shall have reviews soon! Also I applied my foundation differently today. I used a damp sponge, which I have to say is winning me over. I never used to like the idea of sponges. At long last I've been converted. It leaves a natural looking finish on the skin and you don't apply too much either. It's perfect.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 'Ivory'
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 'Fair'
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 'Transparant'
Bourjois Bronzer in shade '52'
ELF baked blush in 'Passion Pink'
ELF eyebrow kit in 'Ash'
ELF wet gloss lash and brow gel
Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner in 'Black'
Maybelline the rocket volume express waterproof in 'Black'
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush in 'Cranberry'
I wasn't really feeling a full on intense look today I wanted to keep it quite simple but still look put together. Any of you have days like that?! Same with the hair, I just threw it up in a bun as I've had a million and one things to do today!
Let me know your put together look!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: Fat Hair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Hai Lovelies!
Good evening, as promised a beauty post as well for you today. I was in the shower washing my hair using the Fat Hair shampoo and conditioner when it dawned on me I hadn't done a review. If you can recall the post I did on my superdrug haul then this was mentioned there. I've also got a video on it too on my main channel, by all means check that out below!
Product: SAMY FAT HAIR shampoo and conditioner
Where to find it: Superdrug + Amazon. Boots don't stock this line.
Price: £5.59 each. Currently on offer half price at Superdrug.
There are other products in the line that I have no yet tried but I am interested to give them ago. All products are listed on Superdrug.
I saw these products mentioned in a video last year. I believe it was a hair care routine and was intrigued by it. My hair is quite fine so a product that claims to give lots of volume instantly had me sold. It's supposed to be a thickening shampoo and conditioner. I don't use these everytime I wash my hair simply because I like to change it up. Infact I have three shampoos I use on a regular basis but thats for a different post. First of lets start with the shampoo. It smells quite fruity which I love and I do really like how the shampoo works with my hair. It gives it a lot of volume and body. It made my hair fuller which is the main purpose I bought this for. I don't know if it's just me though but I have to use a fair bit in order to work up a nice lather. If that makes any sense. I like to have a lot of lather with my shampoos, other than that though it is a nice shampoo. I can see myself buying it again. The conditioner doesn't smell as nice as the shampoo. It's a nice conditioner but I dont really feel it adds much more body etc to my hair than the shampoo does on it's own. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky smooth which I do like. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the conditioner is bad, it is a lovely conditioner. I was kind of expecting a little more that's all. Nevertheless when I am running though on these products I am definetly going to be repurchasing them!
have any of you tried the Samy Fat Hair range?!
let me know!

It's your life.

Hello beauties.
Today I'm going to bring you two posts, one a lifestyle with a positive message. Reason being it's a Monday. I'm not often a massive fan of Mondays personally I don't know about you. Second, I want to put a beauty post up two so rather than mix the two it's easier to split it into two!
(taken from
I feel the majority of people these days are so quick to judge others without knowing anything about that person. Especially on social media websites like Facebook. Infact Facebook is one of the worst sites. As much as I love using it I've seen how it can ruin relationships and cause arguements and any other drama. Everyone seems to be so concerned with everyone elses lives, what they do, choices they make etc. This is why I chose this image because it's so relevant. To anyone who's going through things at the moment keep your head held high. Some people are only interested in other's problems to 'gossip'. That's a horrible feeling but finding someone who isn't and wants to help thats another thing all together. Once you find someone like that hold on tight to them. Friendship is one of the most important things I think. If you're lucky enough to have more than one person like that then thank your lucky stars :) I personally have about four people that I know throughout everything they will be there. They're my true friends. When it comes to making mistakes, learning lessons, choices you make remember that it's your business. No one elses, yours. If you choose to share that with others then fair enough, that's your choice. You only have one life, so live it with the people that matter and forget the ones who don't.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sunny Saturday!

Hiaa beauties!
I've never posted on a Saturday before simply because normally I'm busy doing other things. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's a beautiful beautiful day! I'm not working till later on so I thought I'd blog. I've been really finding my feet within the blogging world. Although I try to post Monday-Friday, I basically just post when I want to. If that happens to be more than once in a day then so be it! :-) There's not point blogging when I'm not completly happy with the post or I'm making myself do it because I just feel thats not the same.
So I joined and thought I'd share my username :)
I stumbled across an image on here which I've pretty much been living by the past couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you lovelies.
Now I don't know about you but this is something I hear people telling others all the time. I know a lot of people say 'but it's not that easy'. Thing is I've been telling this to myself for the past couple of weeks. It's something that reminds me I can get through anything that's thrown at me. It's more about keeping faith and believing in yourself in those darkest of times. I admit that can be a right pain in the butt! There is probably a handful of people not even that that I can tell absolutely everything too and I know in my time of need they are always there. It's about surrounding yourself with people that love and care for you. Who will never judge you and always be there to pick you back up, put you back on your feet, dust you off and tell you everything is going to be okay.
I'm wishing everyone a lovely weekend.
Do any of you lovelies have any quotes or sayings that you live by?!
Let me know!