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Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

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First of I've been blogging now for about two months and when I first started I didn't really know what direction the blogging world was going to take me in. Since then I've kinda just gone with the flow. I enjoy obviously doing my beauty posts but also just lifestyle ones where you get to know a little bit more about myself! I feel like I'm finally feeling comfortable with my blog, like I've found my feet!
Another review for you today. I have a stash of planned reviews coming up it's just finding the time to fit them in!
I purchased the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation at the start of January. As a lot of drugstore products are hyped up I was eager to see if this is as good as the hype surrounding it. I was pleasantly surprised. I've used this foundation for three months give or take. I absolutely love it. My normal shade is 100 - Ivory. However for the summer and when I've got a bit of a tan I recently purchased a darker one. This shade is 201 - Classic Beige. When I first started off with foundation at about 15-16 I used to use a Rimmel one I think it was a very basic one. I've found myself going back to Rimmel's foundations again as they've got some gems currently on the market.
This foundation retails at £8.99. You can purchase these from Boots, Superdrug and anywhere else that sells Rimmel cosmetics. Normally Boots and Superdrug have some sort of offer on as well so you more than likely going to be able to get this for less than the normal price. To be quite honest with you, the darker shade I paid full price for and I would again. I feel it's totally worth the price tag. I know some people can tend to be put off by drugstore foundations because they're cheaper. However you can find some little gems. It's all about trying and testing which one works for you.
This foundation has SPF 15 so it is perfect for those hotter months in the summer. It has 'anti-fatigue' and provides a radiant glow on the skin. Now I can agree with this. It doesn't give your skin too much of a glow that you end up looking way too 'shiny'. It's just enough to make your skin look healthy. If you're not a fan of dewey finishes or have oily skin then I'd probably give this foundation a miss. Unless you set it with a powder. My skin is normal with the occasional dry patch and this foundation works wonders on my skin. I'd say this is medium coverage, however it is buildable if you feel one layer isn't enough. It's also very lightweight as well I don't feel once I've applied it, it feels heavy or 'cakey' on my skin.
Considering the price of this foundation I must say I was sold just by the packaging. I absolutely love the bright orange lid and pump. I also love the fact it's in a glass bottle, it makes the foundation look more expensive than it is. I'm not a huge fan of plastic or tube packaging. I also love the fact it's in the form of a pump. I'm not too keen on foundations in a glass bottle with no pump it makes it very awkward to get the right amount of foundation out, without wasting any. The only problem I find with this design is when you're almost out you really have to dig the last little bit out at the bottom. Simply because it's a pump. A bonus I find though is that you can see how far down you are in the bottle which makes it perfect to see when you need to purchase a new one.
All in all I do really love this foundation. If you're looking for a foundation thats lightweight, offers a dewey finish, medium coverage (buildable) and has spf in then I'd really recommend this. Their colour range isn't too shabby either, just be careful when matching yourself at the drugstore, lighting isn't always the best as it's not natural lighting!! Also testing on the back of your hand isn't the best idea either you're more likely to pick up on the wrong shade!
I hope you enjoyed this little review, I do have another Rimmel foundation review coming up soon too!

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