Thursday, 14 March 2013

OOTD #1.

Hiaa Loveliess!!
So I've never done an outfit of the day post before but I'm going to start doing them whenever I decide I like an outfit that I've thrown together. Today I wasn't going anywhere special, weekly shop exciting eh?! My new obsession has to be jeggings. I hate wearing jeans. I don't really know why because I always used to wear them but now I normally only wear them on nights out or ocassions! I live in leggings so I thought why not give jeggings a try. I have and oh my I've fallen in love haha. These will be featured in my upcomming haul. I shall also do a haul post too!
Top: New Look (sale) £4
Jeggings: Matalan £10
Scarf: Select £4
Shoes: New Look £10
Earrings: New Look £2
Without even intending to have New look mentioned a lot in this three out of the five things are from New Look haha!! The top I love, which shall be featured in a haul post soon. It has studs on the front not that I think you can really tell! Anyways every single day without fail I have been wearing my Skull scarf. I absolutely love it. I believe I got this in the sale from Select last summer and I still adore it. I seem to manage to throw it on with whatever outfit I'm wearing at the moment! I shall definetly start doing some more of these type posts in the future. I was having a little debate with myself of exactly what I wanted to do. I shall also have a nail polish collection coming up.
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