Wednesday, 13 March 2013

NOTD #2.

Hiaa Loveliess!!
I decided I was going to have a little 'spring clean' today and sort the mess out that I like to call my bedroom. It wasn't exactly messy, however new clothes needed to be put away. I also had a bit of a rearrange when it comes to my make up. Reason being for this I have more foundations than I realised haha! Partly because some of them are my summer shades! Whilst on this little cleaning spree I decided I was going to change my bed.. Fresh sheets love them! I cannot be the only one who loves them either!! Last night I had this fabulous idea or so I thought it was at the time.. I decided to bring my wii upstairs. For about three years now it's lived downstairs but I never use it as my dad has his programmes on. So I decided to bring it upstairs and to be honest after I actually set it up and stopped cursing myself I don't regret it!! I am thinking of getting some hooks to hang my scarfs on because I seem to have a slight obsession with them.
I've noticed the past three times I've painted my nails I've been reaching for the same brand of nail polish haha!! I do love these nail polishes to be honest and they are great value for money. I am thinking reviewing these as I do have quite a selection. Infact I purchased one saturday aha! This particular colour is called Night Flight. I love this colour it's not dark purple yet it's not navy it's somewhat in between.. Indigo? I had this colour on my nails for 10 days. It had obviously chipped by then but I am terrible for chipping my nails. It's kind of impossible when working in retail as well. However I do find these nail polishes do last! My current obsession seems to be orange and red. I'm on the hunt for a good orange nail polish!! I used the same Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat I mentioned in my first nail of the day. I do quite like the top coat so far. It leaves a beautiful shine on the nails. My nails haven't really chipped too much either so at the moment it's a big thumbs up from me! I will carry on painting my nails regularly. I kind of got out of the habit for about a month or so as I hate removing nail polish haha!!

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