Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nan's 80th Birthday.

Hiaa Loveliess!!
So I was looking back at the blog posts I've done and realised I did a FOTD post for the make up I wore on my nan's 80th birthday. I then thought about it a little more and realised I promised a post about the actual day.. which has completly slipped my mind considering it is now the 12th March and her birthday was 23rd of February. Oopsie.. haha. Anyways, that Saturday was fabulous. I have a big family and it's very difficult to get all six siblings together. I have two half brothers and one half sister followed by a full brother and sister. My dad re-married. With that being said that saturday it was just my brother and sister simply because we wanted just close family if that makes any sense. So all together it was My nan, mum, dad, uncle, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, my four nieces and myself :D
This is what I wore out to the meal, I don't really wear jeans that much to be honest as I don't find them the comfiest things in the world! As of lately though I've delved into the world of jeggings and I LOVE them! Anyway back on track my nan got to ours at about 11:30am so that she could open her presents before we went out. The reason for this was because my sister, brother-in-law and her three girls would be here after and things get a little hectic.
 A couple of table shots... even though it felt like lots of tables haha! We ended up moving the tables further out because they were so close to the wall. When you've got four children as well and they're constantly up and down or especially the oldest too it makes things extremly difficult. The last time we all went out for a meal was my 18th which is nearly three years ago now. It was really lovely to have the family together. We spent about three hours there. The amount of Pepsi refills that we all had was quite something. All four of the girls we're bouncing off the walls by the time we got home. Major sugar rush. We all chilled when we got in.. Until my dad ended up having Stacey and Fia (youngest two) on his lap and started going on about having pictures taken. Let me just say that turned into a massive picture session... not for him more me.. he got up after about ten minutes and then 45 minutes later I was still sat there haha.
 I do love my gorgeous girlies to pieces. I'm such a proud auntie. Keira is in the blue cardi and is 8, Stacey is 2 nearly 3 in the pink top, Fia is in the pink dress and is 2 and then Beth is in the flowery hoodie who is 6 nearly 7. It's always really difficult to get a good picture of me with them. I honestly didn't have one of all four of them so now I've got one I'm really happy. It probably will be a few yrs before I get the next one haha.. kids just do not stay still!! They all put smiles on my face and if I'm having a rubbish day they manage to brighten up my day!!
I am really proud of this cake. This was my first shape cake and well I found out just how much of a perfectionist I really am. It took me all day to make but I love how it turned out. My nan really liked it too!! It took her by surprise as she wasn't expectingi it haha!! The 8 was chocolate sponge filled with chocolate frosting and frosting on top then topped with white chocolate buttons. The 0 was made out of plain sponge with jam and vanilla frosting. I then added vanilla frosting on top with lovely flowers!! It was only last week that finished up all the cake haha!!
 So as we were all together we decided to get a family photo. My mum bought my nan an 80th birthday photo frame so she thought it would be a nice idea to get a picture done. The last we did something like this was my 18th which was three years ago and for one.. Fia wasn't even born.. and for two Stacey and Shell weren't in the picture either so lots had changed.
 I don't know about you but I use any excuse to decorate the house in banners and balloons. This was an opportunity to not be missed much to my dads disapproval. He hates anything like that so of course I went ahead and did it anyway haha! Such a lovely daughter I am. I looked at it as my nan only turns 80 once so we might as well go all out and just go a little crazy!!

 It was a really lovely day and I'm hoping to get the family together for my 21st birthday which is in just under three months excitement is already hitting me haha :D anyways that's enough from me. I feel this post has been more pictures than anything else!!


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