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HAUL; New Look & Matalan etc.

Hiaa Loveliess!
So as I posted quite late last night I wanted to make it a quick post! Lazy I know haha! As the first part of my HAUL video went up Sunday I thought I'd do the blog post to accompany it. If you haven't seen that video then you can check it out here:
I really enjoyed filming this video! I love showing you guys what I've bought and it seems to be quite popular with you too!
Anyway part 2 will be up this coming Sunday, which has some really interesting bloopers. Part 2 for some reason was a lot harder to film I was in a really weird mood. Needless to say there's some comical moments and just plain typical Hann moments.
Moving on, two weeks ago I went shopping with my mum. Bad idea. One, I spent too much money. Second, I don't feel the slightest bit guilty. It was one of those shopping times that I think I needed.. Every girl needs a bit of retail therapy. Of course I went into Boots and you'll see why this is not included in this part because I got a lot. My mum dragged me into New Look. Normally I have a curse with that shop I cannot leave without buying something. I didn't realise they had a sale on either. Now if I know somewhere has a sale on I normally come out with nothing. To my surprise and my bank balance I actually bought six yes six items! It came to £25 which isn't too shabby in my eyes and I was really pleased with what I got.
£3 was £7.99
As you can see it's striped with a slightly darker purple. I love the little detailing on the back with the cut out piece. There is a button at the top as well which I love. This is a slouchy top which I love as I wear them with leggings or jeggings! I feel this was a steal!
 £5 was £7.99
I love this! I saw it and immediately fell in love with it! I love the white specs on it and I love the navy colour. I'm really into navy and Burgundy at the moment! Kinda makes no sense as it's now spring and I seem to be swaying towards darker colours still! Anyway this top I would probably wear a strappy top underneath as it is quite see through! The button detailing also caught my eye in the shop! Each to their own liking though! It's slightly longer at the back which makes it great to wear with leggings.

£4 was £7.99
Okay So I really don't know why this one was slightly cheaper all by £1 than the navy one but I'm not complaining! This one is the exact same only in a off white cream colour. It has little brownish grey and yellow specs on it which I love. Detailing on the neck is the exact same with buttons down the front. Also in the same style as the navy is also longer at the back. I've worn this top twice now infact I am currently wearing it haha! It is safe to say I do love this top!
£4 was £9.99
This was the last top I picked up. This isn't something I'd normally go for but it has studded detailing on it which I really love and it pushed me to buy it! Not only that it was £4.. I feel like that was a steal and I just had to buy it haha. I've worn this top once with a pair of black jeggings. I did an OOTD post which I shall link below:
It was one of those impulse buys where I syked myself up even though it's not something that is in my normal comfort zone.
£7 was £14.99
This little gem I found right at the back where they've got a sale area but it's so tucked away I'd of walked right past it. I was browsing through when I came across some denim jackets. Then I spotted this little beauty. I was after a denim gillet last summer but didn't find any I liked! I love this partly because it's light wash denim! I have a thing for light wash denim! I cannot wait to start wearing this when we get some warmer weather! This look perfect with maxi dresses! I think this was the item I was the most excited about!
£2 was £3.99
This was another little gem I managed to spot in their jewellery sale. I found a lot of the earrings in the sale weren't anything amazing and that I could justify buying without the fact that they were just in the sale. For that reason I stuck to the one pair. I love these. Feather earrings are a complete obsession for me right now. The fact these are on studs are even better. I love the little chain detailing on them where you've got these little spike/tooth like shapes on the end of the chains. I've worn these once so far and I can honestly say I shall be wearing them a lot more!
Moving onto Matalan now. For those of you that don't know I do work at Matalan so I could of just gone into the store however I was looking for some photo frames. I got two packs of three which are just the stand 6x4 measurements. A pack of three was £5 however I get staff discount which is 20% so they cost me £4. I also got a photo frame which is bigger and holds 12 photos. This retails at £15 but I paid £12. I shall link a blog post which I featured this in so you can see what it looks like below:
I will hold my hands up and say that's not the only things I purchased haha! I got browsing which normally in my eyes means looking at things I don't really need but purchase anyway. I purchased four other items which I'm happy to say I'm pleased I bought!
JEGGINGS: £10 each. I paid £8 (staff discount)
I couldn't be more happy about this purchase to be quite honest with you. I was sceptical to see how good these jeggings would be as I've never owned any before. I am so impressed I'm going to purchase some more because I love them so much. I'm not a jeans person anymore I only wear them on nights out and occasions. These are perfect. As you know I love leggings so this is just a match made in heaven for me! I purchased them in the bleach wash (top left), Medium wash (top right) and black (bottom middle). I'm probably going to purchase another three pairs in the near future as I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these and for £10 a pair I don't think you can go wrong! They are lovely quality and I'd recommend them!
£14 I paid £11.20 (staff discount) Front of bag.

£14 I paid £11.20 (staff discount) Back of bag.
So this lovely little gem that I've been eyeing up for over a month now I finally purchased. I was umming and ahhing about the colour mainly. You can get this in black, brown and cream. I haven't had a favourite black bag in a while so I thought it was time to get a new one. I love the fact this is studded infact it makes me love it even more! It has two tassels on the front which you can loosen and tighten for opening and closing. As well as their being a popper opening and closing on the bag. (I phrased that so well haha) It also has a side pocket inside with a zip. I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this bag. It's bigger than the bag I have been using. The bigger the bag I have the more junk I put in it haha!
I hope you enjoyed this type of blog post from me! I enjoy these types of posts especially I just don't do them often they are very time consuming!

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