Thursday, 21 March 2013

Eyeliner and Lippy?!

Hiaa Loveliess!!
If you're looking at the title and thinking what a weird combination then I wouldn't blame you haha!! For about the past week without fail I've found two products that have become a staple in my make-up routine. I shall be doing full reviews on both products in the future. As of right now though I wanted to share them with you!
Right so first off the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eye Kohl has been a staple in my make up routine the past week. I don't normally use black on my waterline as I find it too harsh. Lately though I've been absolutely loving it. Of course it's rare to find me without my black winged liner but normally if I do go with eyeliner I use a brown as it's less harsh. I've even gotten into tightlining my eyes. I've found this pencil is bloody brilliant for doing this. The formulation of this pencil is lovely! It's super smooth so it doesn't drag or pull on your eye. I put this on in the morning and true to it's name stays on all day! I absolutely love it!
Lippy, well I'm a huge fan of it an probably own too many! With that being said I'm always on the lookout for new ones! Well I know we're in spring now however my lippy seems to be getting darker! I purchased some NYX Round Lipsticks a while a go and to be honest am I only just trying them out now. I've stumbled across a little gem. The shade Snow White I've absolutely fallen in love with. It's a vampy red which would be great for autumn or winter. However I'm loving wearing it at the moment and I reach for it everyday at the moment! It's really creamy and stays put for a good few hours. I've been using it with a Lip Liner too from NYX. I believe it's in the shade Aburn, which makes it last even longer. I shall have full reviews of their lippy's and lip liners soon!!

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