Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Catch My Breath.

Hiaa Lovelies!!
So I've been waiting for inspiration to hit me all day for today's blog post. 10pm came still nothing. Casually sitting here listening to some music and inspiration hit me. This again is going to be another short post this evening. Much like last nights but I feel that's refreshing considering Monday's lengthy one!
So I used to love Kelly Clarkson. I still do but she's one of those old time favourites that I kind of forget about every now and then. When I remember I normally go on a massive hype of listening to all her songs and get a little 'fan girl' like haha! This particular song I do love. It's a really positive upbeat song with a good message. I listen to the lyrics when I listen to songs. The part I've shared with you is the part that I feel stands out to me the most at the moment. It's most fitting for my life at the moment! Any songs or parts of songs stand out to you in this way?!
I hope you've had a lovely evening!
A beauty post will be up tomorrow I promise!! :-)

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