Monday, 28 January 2013

Intro to the week | Being Happy!

Hia everyonee :)

So I thought as I'm going to be super busy this week I'd squeeze in a little blog post before I settle down and get an early night! Super early start tomorrow and I'm working all week! Monday mornings boohoo, everyone hates them right?! I actually cannot believe how fast this month is flying by! 1st of Feb is friday! (WHAT! :O) Crazy I know! Really looking forward to Friday but everyone loves Friday's really don't they?! Time for the weekend, unless you obviously work weekends which sucks pretty much :P I've got the weekend off work to take my niece Keira birthday shopping at Bluewater. She turned 8 on the 22nd of Jan! She's grown up so quick, really cannot believe it's been 8 years! I've been in such a good mood today I thought I'd share my happiness with y'all :) Don't let others get you down and ruin your happiness, life's too short to waste it being unhappy!!

Smile :)

Went to see my big sister Nikki today was lovely having a catch up and a natter with her, bit of gossip here and there you know how it goes! I've also been in a tidying mood and have outted (even a word?!) some more clothes.. of course to make room for new ones haha! I've got a little OCD with my bedroom since I rearranged it, I absolutely cannot stand mess. Probably doesn't help where I work in a clothes shop either! Speaking of clothes shops, I've been naughty today and placed a Matalan order.. oopsie!! :P Even better with 20% staff discount makes you feel that little bit better about spending. ;)

I've been absolutely loving the lipstick 'Infrared' by Topshop. I shall have a review coming up for the Topshop lipsticks as I absolutely love all of the colours and are very affordable at £8 compared to the MAC ones now :) As you can imagine my lipstick collection has probably doubled in size this month oopsie. I shall post a picture of me wearing 'Infrared' below..

Colour isn't that great in this picture but a better one shall be coming soon ;)
Well that's about it from me tonight.. I plan to have a nice hot shower and maybe settle down with my 8th house of night book before I go to bed. I wish everyone a lovely week, and will post again soon!


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