Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: Elf Matte Lip Colours.

Hi everyone!

So today I've got another review for you all which is on the Elf Matte Lip Colours. Now I absolutely love these they are slightly bigger than a lip liner but smaller than a lipstick which makes them super easy to apply. They are long lasting, very pigmented and obviously have a matte finish. Now I personally love matte finishes, infact I have a love hate relationship with slightly glossier finishes. Probably because I'm not really a gloss person, I used to be but that was before I got totally obsessed with lipsticks ;) Okay so back on track here.. so the ELF matte lip colours come in 6 different shades and surprise surprise I own them all! In my opinion I think 5 out of the 6 colours are really natural and you could wear everyday. I would wear red everyday but I know not everyone likes a bold lip so for me personally I would wear all of these colours everyday. You can purchase these on ELFS website. Now if you don't know what ELF (Eyes Lips Face) is, it is basically a really cheap, affordable cosmetics site. They sell a huge variety of make up and tools. These particular lip products are part of their studio line, they have their basic lines then studio and mineral lines which vary in price. Elf Matte Lip Colours retail at £3.75 each which I think is a really good price and I would repurchase as I just love all the shades.

Left to Right: Nautural, Nearly Nude, Tea Rose, Praline, Coral, Rich Red
Okay, so this is what they look like. I do like the simple black packaging with the colour on the end it makes storing them easier as you don't have to get them all out to find what colour you are looking for. However if you have products with black packaging for example Elf's studio blushes or any Nars products you'll know it normally get's plastered in make up so doesn't stay black for very long!! That is my only dislike as then they look dirty haha!!

Left To Right: Natural, Nearly Nude, Tea Rose, Praline, Coral, Rich Red.
With Flash
Without Flash.

 I already had 'Nearly Nude' and 'Praline' in my collection but you can see just how dirty the packaging gets!! I've only had the other four about a week!! I'm going to post swatches on the lips below as I know the colour looks different when applied to the lips rather than just the back of your hand. That way you can get a decent idea of what they will look like!

This one is natural, I do really like this colour. I probably like it even more as it is a pinky nude which doesn't make you look as washed out like some nudes on the market. I love my nudes and I probably have so many that like so alike each other but I dont know about you guys I get drawn into them, and feel I need another one even if there is only a slight difference haha!

This one is nearly nude which is more of a peachy nude. I feel like these nudes you have to be careful of as if they're too light they can make you look a little washed out. It does depends on your skin tone as to which nude suits you best. With that being said I still do love this one but it hasn't become my go to everyday nude.

This one is tea rose which has to be my favourite out of the six. I absolutely love this one it's such a nice pink colour. As you can probably guess I have so many pink lip colours in my collection. I've been wearing this to work as it's so natural it's too bold! (even though I do love my bold lips!)

This is praline and is the darkest out of the six. I do like this one even though I know some people aren't fans of slightly darker colours. It has slight brown undertones to it however it is still very wearable.

This is coral and I have to say this has to my second favourite. I absolutely love corals but it's hard to find a coral that isn't shimmery, too dark or too bright. Fussy I know, but this is a great coral for everyday wear and appropriate for work too! This is my favourite 'natural' coral and I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this one.

So this is the last out of the six and is real red. It is the brightest out of the six however I do think you could proabably still wear this everyday. If I do a bold lip I normally dull down the eyes so the main focus is on the lips, especially if its to wear to work. If I don't then I find I've got way too much going on and there is no focus. This red isn't my absolute favourite red in my collection however I do love that it is matte. I do feel like in the tube it looks brighter than it actually comes out but I do still like it.

If you're on the lookout for some new lip products then I totally recommend these! I know not everyone likes a matte finish as it can slightly dry out your lips but they are absolutely fine with a lip balm underneath! If you were looking for a glossier finish then you could apply a gloss on top. If you're from the UK I don't believe you can buy ELF products in stores, however I know over in the States you can. I shall put ELFS website below so you can check these products out and the rest of their products. They currently have a deal on 48% off for 48 hrs so now would be the time to get them!! :)


Monday, 28 January 2013

Intro to the week | Being Happy!

Hia everyonee :)

So I thought as I'm going to be super busy this week I'd squeeze in a little blog post before I settle down and get an early night! Super early start tomorrow and I'm working all week! Monday mornings boohoo, everyone hates them right?! I actually cannot believe how fast this month is flying by! 1st of Feb is friday! (WHAT! :O) Crazy I know! Really looking forward to Friday but everyone loves Friday's really don't they?! Time for the weekend, unless you obviously work weekends which sucks pretty much :P I've got the weekend off work to take my niece Keira birthday shopping at Bluewater. She turned 8 on the 22nd of Jan! She's grown up so quick, really cannot believe it's been 8 years! I've been in such a good mood today I thought I'd share my happiness with y'all :) Don't let others get you down and ruin your happiness, life's too short to waste it being unhappy!!

Smile :)

Went to see my big sister Nikki today was lovely having a catch up and a natter with her, bit of gossip here and there you know how it goes! I've also been in a tidying mood and have outted (even a word?!) some more clothes.. of course to make room for new ones haha! I've got a little OCD with my bedroom since I rearranged it, I absolutely cannot stand mess. Probably doesn't help where I work in a clothes shop either! Speaking of clothes shops, I've been naughty today and placed a Matalan order.. oopsie!! :P Even better with 20% staff discount makes you feel that little bit better about spending. ;)

I've been absolutely loving the lipstick 'Infrared' by Topshop. I shall have a review coming up for the Topshop lipsticks as I absolutely love all of the colours and are very affordable at £8 compared to the MAC ones now :) As you can imagine my lipstick collection has probably doubled in size this month oopsie. I shall post a picture of me wearing 'Infrared' below..

Colour isn't that great in this picture but a better one shall be coming soon ;)
Well that's about it from me tonight.. I plan to have a nice hot shower and maybe settle down with my 8th house of night book before I go to bed. I wish everyone a lovely week, and will post again soon!


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.

At the beginning of the month I purchased four out of the seven Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains as I was quite interested to see if I would like them and had heard such good things about them. They really did impress me so I wanted to share them with you.

Darling, Lovesick, Rendezvous, Crush

Darling, Lovesick, Rendezvous, Crush

They retail at £7.99 at Boots and Superdrug, however Superdrug have currently got them at £5.99. I purchased them when Boots had an offer on £5 revlon products, so all four cost me £5 each. Considering they are a balm and a lip stain combined I really like them. You don't need to carry around a sharpener either as they just roll up which is super handy! (can be a right pain in the bottom otherwise!) Applying them is super easy to do as well they just glide on which I really like! They are so moisturising and the colour stays on your lips for a good few hours before you have to reapply.





I am very tempted to pick up the other three colours I don't have 'Honey, Cherish and Romantic' as I just love these so much and are very affordable. My favourite has to be Rendezvous, I'm loving orange at the moment especially on the lips! I'd definitely recommend these!!

You can watch my video on my youtube channel here:

Stay tuned for more lip products that I've recently purchased including Topshop lipsticks, Elf matte lip colours, Elf mineral lipsticks and Nyx round label lipsticks.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Here is to 2013!

First off let me just say I've been contemplating about making a blog for a while now. I have enjoyed reading so many beauty guru blogs over the past year that I've been interested in making one myself. I love the idea of just sitting down to write about your day I believe it can honestly make you feel so much better.. almost like it's a release in a way if you've had a rubbish day.
So 2013, I want to make it a good year. Yes I know everyone says "new year new me" but this year I plan on looking at everything with a more positive attitude. After a toxic relationship last year which pretty much consumed a lot of time. For example it mainly lead to me not being able to go out on nights out with my girls which really just made me feel really low. Needless to say I am now a much happier person now that that's finished with. I feel I've got my life back and my friends and now I just want to focus on enjoying life. Trying to find a positive in everything, I think will just make life that teeny bit better! :) I want to do so many things this year, take more risks and generally be a much happier person. I'm pretty sure though with my best friend by my side I will be able to look back this time next year and think 'I'm happy with how 2013 turned out'.
Me and my best friend did SO much last year, and we had a blast. With finishing college last year we don't see each other as much now but there's normally not a day that goes past where we don't have a random conversation about something. I've got so many fantastic memories with this girl, she's my rock and my sister. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her and I think the world would be a more sane place without her! (not a good thing in my eyes! haha!)

 Myself and Lisa on a night out.
 Myself and Lisa on my 20th birthday.

Lisa and Myself on her 20th birthday.
I'm happy to say me and the best friend will be sharing many more memories this year together filled with lots more giggles, laughter and of course sillyness!! All in all I wish everyone a good year, life is too short in my eyes and everything happens for a reason, so live with no regrets.