Tuesday, 31 December 2013

LUSH // Mr Pumpkin.

Hello my beautiful lovelies!
First off I hope you had a lovely, lovely Christmas, ate lots of food and spent lots of quality time with your families! Second, I hope you have a great new years eve tonight, stay safe and have a lovely new years day!
Now that's out of the way.. on to LUSH.
We all know by now I have a slight addiction to LUSH. If you follow my instagram you will know that I have an obscene amount of products! Not only did I grab lots of Xmas goodies when I went to Bluewater, Santa was very kind to me too. Now I took Fia to Bluewater for her Birthday you can cast your minds back to September! I also got my hands on the Halloween collection. Well sadly today I used the last Mr pumpkin bubble bar. Yes I purchased two because they were that cute.
For those that Haven't seen my picture I shall post it below ;)
As you can see I have ALOT of LUSH products! I was in my happy place organising all of that it felt like I was actually in Lush haha! Anyway I'm not going to link you to this bubble bar because it's not actually available on their website currently. With it being a Halloween themed one I'm assuming as it's so cute it'll be back next year! First of I know this picture doesn't look all that cute because one I've taken the eyes out and he's missing his leaf.
There we go, much better.. anyway as I was saying.. In no way are you going to miss this bubble bar it's that bright! Quite literally that's what happens to your bath water too. I wish something like this was out for summer because it makes me miss summer! It's not an overpowering scent which I know some people can find when it comes to Lush. Especially when going into one of their stores and all the scents kind of mix together. The first one of this I tore in half, poor pumpkin! I got a decent amount of bubbles out of that and bare in mind the more bubbles the better with me. Last night I literally crumbled the whole thing and had a mountain of bubbles. It was heavenly but again made me miss summer. I'd recommend you try this if it comes back out for next year's Halloween collection. It's not overpowering like Snow Fairy, which you know I love. But I still enjoy this for when I'm after something more calming and soothing. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. And because of the summery mood I even used a mango body butter after!
I hope everyone stays safe tonight, and by all means enjoy yourselves as we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014. I shall see you in the new year with a reflection post of some sorts :)
Until then take care beautifuls!

Monday, 30 December 2013

THE BODY SHOP // strawberry shower gel.

'iya loves,
I kinda feel like this shower gel is definitely a more well known scent when it comes to shower gels and The Body Shop. It was probably the first one I ever tried. I think there's just something about it that just keeps me coming back for me. It does remind of summer in a bottle, it's so fruity and sweet. However it's perfect for winter too I think especially in the evenings. I love this again in baths, it makes my baths smell so good. So sweet and fruity and you know how I've gotta have something great smelling in my baths! If this little bottle isn't enough for you then they do a 750ml bottle which is available for all of their shower gels for just £12 which is a bargain! I used to love their chocomania shower gel I used it up and have not yet repurchased it yet! I've not purchased anything from the body shop this year I don't think, January is coming though and I shall be going a little cray!
Do you love this one?!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Festive Treasures: December Glossybox UK 2013.

'iya loves,
Guess what It's Christmas eve! AHHHHHHHH! Hello excitement. Kay so agenda today, make mince pies, sausage rolls, prep pigs in blankets, turkey and veg. AHHH busy busy. Then go to work for sale prep.. Then come home and carry on laying the table, sorting presents and then going to bed gone midnight just to be up at 6am!
Moving on, guess what it's time for December's Glossybox! Overall It's a really good one this month I feel! I love the packaging it's so festive which made me squeal with excitement! Candy canes on the tissue paper oh my and green confetti oh yes! Three out of the five products are full size this month and there's only one I think is a miss for me personally.
 Seriously this month I just love the packaging! I love the special edition boxes because it's always a really fun design but I think Christmas is the best by far!
"Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals is a 3 in 1 razor that lathers, moisturises and shaves. Your party essential for ready to bare legs this Christmas."
Application: Use in bath or shower. Wet the skin conditioning solid to activate. Keep both skin and razor wet as you shave, press gently.
I'm excited to try this razor. I love razors like this that mean if you're in a rush and don't have time to faff about with shaving gel then you don't have to. You can still get a close shave due to the conditioning bars. It's a fab idea especially for women on the go! Let's be honest we don't have time to shave everyday! But everyone wants smooth legs this party season! It looks promising! I love the colour and the packaging, to me that's not essential as long as it does the job!

"This organic skincare moisturiser nourishes and repairs fine and sensitive skin"
£19.50 FOR 50ML

I'm excited to try a product aimed at sensitive skin which is supposed to repair your skin. It sounds good so I shall be giving this a whirl. You get two samples of this product which I shall use and report back. Holland and Barrett you can also get this product from in most stores and probably online too.

"Seche nail polish delivers pure colour saturation allowing for one coat coverage and a satin smooth finish which dries quickly."
Application: Start with applying a base coat, such as Seche Base. Apply a single coat of nail lacquer to the nail. Apply a further coat if required. Finish with a top coat, for best results use Seche Vite.
£9.95 FOR 14ML

I was thinking the other day I want to use some acrylics on my nails tonight so this is perfect because I wanted to use a white nail polish as my base. It's going to be a festive glittery theme. Yes I'm excited! I was thinking I didn't have a decent white in my collection and then this turns up! Perfect timing. I love nail polishes that you don't have to apply a ton of just to get an opaque finish so this looks to be a winner!

"This jojoba rich, non sticky, Beautiful Movements Cosmetics nude lip gloss is the perfect shade, essential for the festive party season!"
Application: Apply as desired for a gorgeous glossy pout.
£12 FOR 8ML
As you can see in the swatch of this gloss it's very pigmented and a gorgeous nude shade! It would look absolutely gorgeous with a sexy smoky eye! Especially for the party season. However my one issue with the gloss is although it says non sticky to me it seems very sticky. It's sticky to apply and once applied feels sticky on the lips. I do not like that in a gloss. I'm not a gloss person to be honest I much prefer lipsticks however I still think it's nice quality. Just maybe a miss for me.
"Colossal Smoky eyes mascara, with collagen and kohl effect pigments plumps lashes for a smokin' hot look!"
Application: Perfect a smokey eye with Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara.
£7.99 FOR 10.7ML
As promised if you didn't see Glossybox' Facebook post or Tweet or check their website they were promising a full size Maybelline product in each box this month. Ranging from a few of their products. I'm glad I got this product because I already LOVE it. As you can see in the pictures above it really works wonders on your lashes. It doesn't clump, but builds long voluminous lashes. It gives you that sexy smoky eye effect which gorgeous for this party season. It's one of my favourite mascaras, it's so easy to work with and I love it!
So that's all for this month's post! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Spend it with the ones you love, and get everything you want for Christmas! I shall be enjoying a day with my family and chaos caused by my beautiful nieces. Stay safe especially in this horrible weather and I shall be back posting blog posts on the 30th ;)

Monday, 23 December 2013

HD BROWS // blush in shade 2.

'iya loves,
You may remember I believe October's glossybox?! I recieved a gorgeous blush.. It may have been September's thinking about it. Either way it's been the only one I've been wearing all through October and November.
This shade is just gorgeous. To be honest as silly as this is going to sound HD brows I actually just thought did products for brows. Not the case ;) The packaging I'm not overly keen on to be honest it is quite chunky. It's your standard black packaging however it's not the kind of finish that is going to attract every bit of make up making it look filthy. It comes with a puff that sits in a little plastic bit which you can flip over. I've taken the puff out of mine purely because it annoys me. The plastic bit annoys me too because every time you use it you have to move it! Call it laziness but I don't want to faff about with that every time I use it. With that being said I've looked past that because I've been using it every single day without fail. It's a gorgeous pink. It kind of reminds me of rose gold by Sleek. Only a little bit darker. It has shimmer running through it, and doesn't look too much on the skin. It gives a beautiful finish. Do be warned this blush is highly pigmented. When I say highly pigmented I mean you need the tiniest amount. I first applied this a little too heavy handed and nearly ended up looking like a clown. (my fear!) You can build up the intensity just be careful! I think this would look gorgeous on any skin tone! It's absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

3 days to go!

'iya loves,
3 days to go! WHAT?! that's madness right?! haha. Anyway, I'm off to work this morning so I shall see you lovely people probably in the evening with a new video unless I managed to upload for you guys whilst I'm at work and fill in details when I get back! I shall try my hardest too!
If you're subscribed to me on Youtube then you will know that I've been posting videos Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't know if this is permanent right now but I've been trying to get as many festive related videos up as possible. I really love how my festive make up tutorial turned out and if you haven't seen it I shall link all my recent videos below! My last video before Xmas day will be going up Xmas eve and will be a December Glossybox.
I've been super super busy this week with the lead up to Christmas, I feel like I've been living at work or buried under a mountain of presents to wrap. I finally finished wrapping Friday. It's my least favourite part for some reason I really dislike it. Surely I can't be the only one?! I've decided in the new year I'm going to save for a new camera so I can get better quality videos up for you guys :)
Christmas Inspired Room Tour:

Empties #2:

Christmas Inspired Festive Makeup Tutorial:

Christmas LUSH Haul:

Saturday, 21 December 2013

CLEAN & CLEAR // advantage clear & soothe foaming wash.

'iya loves,
I love Clean & Clear it's my go to brand for skincare. It works really well for me so I don't really see the need to spend lots when I've already found what works well for me at the drugstore. I couldn't find this on Superdrug's website, however it doesn't mean to say that they don't sell it. As it is part of their Advantage line it's slightly pricer than their normal line. This is aimed directly for problem skin, breakouts you name it. All of these products from the advantage line contain salicylic acid and natural aloe vera. It aims to be tough on spots but still gentle on skin so you won't have any nasty reactions. That tends to be the problem when you use harsh products it irritates the skin further. It's oil free so good if you have oily skin! I really love this facial wash. It's in a pump form so it's very easy to use. Two pumps of this does my whole face and I like to use this once I've removed the majority of my make up with make up remover or a make up wipe. It smells really good too! It smells like lemon and lime to me. So it's really good to use in the morning to refresh your face! Overall a really good product and I can see myself repurchasing ASAP.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

RIMMEL // kate moss lipstick 01.

'iya loves,
I'm shocked I've not featured this product on here sooner. I've had it for flipping ages, it's a firm favourite and has appeared in many videos.

I think my blog is seeing my love for Rimmel lipsticks lately. As I've previously said they are amazeballs. They're some of the best I've tried and great value for money. I absolutely love the Kate Moss lipsticks they've got a great colour range and I own quite a few. I've spoken about  my current favourite 107 in the red tube. Those lipsticks have a Matte finish. This one is in a black tube and all of these lipsticks are slightly more moisturising with a glossier finish. I think this colour is absolutely gorgeous. It's a perfect classic red. Not too bright or too dark. Great for everyday wear in my opinion. Also a great choice for a night out too. In the tube it looks slightly brighter than what it is so don't be put off! It's fairly long lasting, obviously you will to touch up after eating and drinking but I really love these. I'd recommend them to you as well. If you've not tried them go get you some!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

SLEEK // au naturel palette.

'iya loves,
If I were to say I'm obsessed with Sleek make up it probably wouldn't be a surprise to you especially if you watch my Youtube channel. I think they have a great range of products, affordable, well pigmented and long-lasting. So needless to say I've found a palette I've been obsessing over. I've been using it for a few months now and used every single colour!
As you can see the palette comes with 12 shadows and a double ended applicator. I personally don't like these applicators I think they're rubbish. Just throwing it out there haha! I honestly do though. When I was starting out with make up I thought they were the bomb. However nowadays they just don't seem to apply the colour all that well. The eye shadows aren't too small either and I love the packaging. As with all sleek palettes they are just black. Only downside to that is they can get filthy in your make up bag. Girls you know what I'm sayin' when I say that! It's like a magnet attracts foundation, concealer, bronzer anything you name it! I really love the names for the colours in this palette too! Now what would this post be without some swatches..
This palette consists of 8 mattes and 4 shimmers. To me this palette screams perfect for everyday however you can also make a really sexy smoky eye perfect for a night out!
I think my favourite shades in the palette are taupe and conker which are both shimmers and then regal which is a dark matte brown with slight purple undertones. I think the sleek palettes with the more neutral shades like this one can be an alternative to the naked palettes if you don't want to pay out £37. As shown in the swatches these colours are so pigmented. They're a very buttery consistency and easy to blend. What makes this palette so great is you've got some great options for highlight shades no matter what skin tone you are. Great transition shades too. Ideally you want them to be matte so you've not got a ton of shimmer happening! The matte black is perfect. Black can be a little scary however if you use a little bit you can incorporate it into an everyday look. It works great if you pop a tiny bit in the outer v shape and blend. When I say blend I do mean blend haha. Keep blending and if you find it takes too much colour away then just build it up to the colour intensity you like. Blending a lot softens the black so it's not so harsh. It's a great alternative to eyeliner too, smudging some black eyeshadow along the upper lash line turns and everyday look into a sultry smoky look. As I say this palette is very versatile there's so many colour options, if you want nearly naked eyes or dramatic dark eyes. I'd say it's definitely worth getting your hands on. It comes in at £8 which is fab! I own quite a few of these palettes and so far I've not been disappointed. I get a lot of use out of them all! To brighten some of the matte colours up or even the shimmers I'd use a cream base. The NYX jumbo pencil in milk is great. It makes the colours more vibrant and makes them pop!
Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, 16 December 2013

THE BODY SHOP // mango shower gel.

'iya loves,
I feel like these past few months I've rejected The Body Shop because I've been on a massive LUSH hype for quite sometime. However, needless to say I've fallen in love with one of their shower gels! Their mango shower gel is one of the best things I've ever smelt. It smells like they've put real mangos in there and it smells so good I could almost eat/drink it. When it comes to shower gels they have to lather up this one does, you don't need a lot but I always use more than enough ;) I really like using this in the bath too! My bath smells so good and I just absolutely love it! It's almost like I'm wanting to bring summer back with this lovely little product! I shall definitely be repurchasing this when I run out! It's lovely! At £4 a bottle it's cheap as chips and I feel like I need more of these in my life! I especially want to try the Satsuma one! Do you love The Body Shop?!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

RIMMEL // moisture renew lipstick 660.

'iya loves,
I've been the biggest fan of Rimmel products for quite sometime now. It's hard to find something that I'm not going to like. Which I think says a lot about the brand itself to be honest. Rimmel's lipsticks are by far one of my favourite products by them. They have some amazing colours and finishes at really affordable prices. I think they're great for if you're just starting you're make up collection or just wanting to find some great ones to add to your collection.
We all know through summer I went through my I'm going to wear orange and only orange colours on my lips. Literally nothing else really was seen, the occasional bright pink and perhaps red. Rimmel have re-released their moisture renew lipsticks. They've reformulated them, changed up the packaging and added more colours! What's not to love?! I'm not really sure which I prefer packaging wise perhaps this version as it's slightly more sleek. They remind me a lot of the Maybelline packaging to be honest. Now I was browsing over which colour I wanted to pick up as I do have some already with the older formula. Tried and tested verdict is I love them. I opted for a Bright orangey-red. Of course right up my street. It's gorgeous, I'd wear this everyday but you know me ;) Perfect for a night out. These are so moisturising. I hate lipsticks that dry your lips out I don't think it's a good look. The finish of these lipsticks make your lips look glossy but not too glossy. So it's a nice in between if you're not normally a gloss person. Pigmentation is amazing. One swipe and you get opaque colour. As they are moisturising I find they glide over your lips so easily they don't drag the colour around. That can get slightly messy I find. I want to get some more of these because well I'm obsessed. I want to find some slightly deeper berry colours for winter. I'd love to know if any of you have tried these!

Friday, 13 December 2013

CLEAN & CLEAR // advantage clear & soothe daily scrub.

'iya loves,
Now this product came out roughly back in September/August time. It was released with the foaming cleanser. You can pair these two together and they work really well but you don't necessarily have to. Again I love the packaging! I love the fact they've incorporated green into this as it's one of my favourite colours! It smells really good, and makes my skin feel really clean and refreshed. As all advantage products it has salicylic acid in it and aloe vera to combat spots and soothe your skin. I like using this after I've used a cleanser to go ahead and deep clean and de clog my pores. As it is a scrub it has the exfoliating beads in it but they are tiny so they're not going to irritate your skin at all. They're really gentle on your skin as I've found some scrubs have beads in that aren't gentle at all! I really love using this product and find it works really well!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

MAYBELLINE // color tattoo metallic pomegranate.

'iya loves,
Everyone knows how much I love Maybelline. I guarantee every time I see a new product I cannot contain my excitement. Half the time I don't need to see the advert on TV. I get convinced to buy it just by looking at the new products in Boots or Superdrug. Yes my obsession is that bad. So lets delve into the world of Maybelline and check out what I'm currently obsessing over.


So what are color tattoo's? They aren't actual tattoo's ha. They are a gel based formula cream shadow. They do not budge. I've put them to the test and they seriously don't. They are fab. I'm obsessed with them and managed to convince myself I need all of them. They've been compared to the MAC paint pots however I'm not going to spend pennies on those ones when these ones are amazeballs. If I'm in a rush I will just throw this all over my lid and blend out with a fluffy brush to actually make look like I've made effort when in actual fact I haven't. For night's out I normally layer a shadow over the top if I want the shadow to stay all night. However I have worn these on their own and they've not moved. The swatches online for this colour it looks more red. In actual fact it's more of a burgundy. It has gold glitter which runs through it. One layer of this patted on the lid goes on quite opaque however you can soften it by blending it out with your finger. For a more intense look I tend to build up the layers. These in my opinion are some of the best cream shadows out on the high street. They come in at a total of £4.99 a pot. Which I think is so good considering they're going to last you a long time! This colour is perfect for the colder months, don't be afraid of this colour either. Burgundy I feel is a colour people think is going to make them look ill. This is gorgeous especially with the gold glitter. I love pairing this with black eyeliner. It looks gorgeous.
Have you tried this colour?

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

mid week round up #11.

'iya loves,

This week has been cray at work especially with the lead up to Christmas. Yesterday I did a few more bits and bobs of my Christmas shopping. I've got my mum left to finish and that is just LUSH bits and bobs. My room finally feels like Christmas as I decorated that last night. I ditched the tinsel and just went with lights. Lots and lots of lights. It looks like Santa's grotto and I love it.

I treated myself to some square fake nails from boots. I picked up a box of 200 I thought they would last much longer. I also went over to the Barry M stand we all know how I can't help myself. I picked up a gelly hi shine nail polish it's a gorgeous Christmassy red. Barry M have released 2 glitter polishes for Christmas which are limited edition so if you want them get them quick. Boots had an offer on spend £6 and you get one of them free. One glitter polish is silver and in the light it looks all different colours it reminds me of snow or fairy lights. The other glitter polish looks like you have tinsel on your nails how could you honestly say no. If you hadn't guessed I love a bit of Barry M they're my favourite drugstore nail polishes.
Sunday, I uploaded my drugstore December haul which has some old loves and new discoveries as always it will be linked down below. Enjoy your week!